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Global Business and Economy

Gain a Global View of Economy and Contemporary Business

In this dynamic course, students will learn the cultural, social, economic, geographic, and political factors that affect the success of international business activities.

Using case studies and current events, class topics will cover foreign exchange market, international trade, impact of cultural differences in business, marketing in global marketplace, and career opportunities. At the end of the course, students will gain an understanding of the interconnectivity of our global business and economy.

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Robyn Reitano

Robyn Reitano, Lubin professor at Pace University

Robyn Reitano currently teaches Business 101 at Pace. After graduating from college, she worked as licensing attorney/executive. She also worked for Viacom/MTV where she managed accounts such as Coppertone, South Park, United States Postal Service, many magazines like YM, Family Circle, Parents, etc. and others.

Professor Reitano earned her BA in marketing at SUNY Albany and Hofstra, her MBA in International marketing at Hofstra and Erasmus in Rotterdam Holland and her Law degree at Hofstra.