Reports to a Responsible Employee (Non-Confidential Resource)

Certain personnel at the University have the responsibility to receive reports of Sex-Based Misconduct and to take action based on those reports. A Responsible Employee will forward the information about the incident to, among others to whom the Responsible Employee is required to report, the Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator will discuss options with the reporting person. The assistance the Title IX Coordinator can facilitate includes the following:

  • Supportive Measures: Supportive measures are intended to support the individual who experienced Sex-Based Misconduct to continue in their involvement in the University’s program and activities. Supportive measures may include no contact orders; academic accommodations; changes in housing assignment; or other academic, residential or work accommodations.
  • Informal Resolution: An informal resolution is a resolution that the parties (i.e., the person making the allegations and the accused person) agree upon to address the situation. Not all incidents are appropriate for informal resolution, and no party may be forced to accept an informal resolution. This is a voluntary process.
  • Grievance Procedure: The University’s grievance procedure includes an investigation and adjudication process. The outcome of a grievance process is either that the person accused of Sex-Based Misconduct is found either responsible or not responsible for having committed a violation of this Policy. A violation results in appropriate sanctions and other remedies to address the violation.

Individuals Can Report an Incident to the Title IX Office via the Guardian Reporting System

Should an Individual wish to speak with Bernard Dufresne, the Assistant Vice President of the Office of Institutional Equity and Title IX Compliance, regarding an incident, they can send an email to Bernard at or call the office at (212) 346-1310.

After a report has been filed, the Office of Institutional Equity and Title IX Compliance will review the incident report and reach out to you by email to discuss your concerns and discuss resources, options for support and case resolution options. Make sure to check University emails for any updates. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

File a Report

Reporting to law enforcement

Members of the University community who believe that they have been subjected to Sex-Based Misconduct are encouraged to report such incidents to the University and, where applicable, to local law enforcement.