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The University recognizes that some individuals may prefer not to go through a formal investigation and/or adjudication of sex-based misconduct allegations. The informal resolution process is a voluntary process involving the Complainant and Respondent to resolve the allegation(s) following the filing of a formal complaint. The informal resolution process will be pursued only where both the Complainant and Respondent agree in writing to utilize the process. A Complainant may request an informal resolution at the time of filing a formal complaint or either party may request to halt the investigation and proceed with an informal resolution at any point in the investigation prior to its conclusion.

Here are some other important points about the University’s informal resolution process:

  • The University reserves the right not to offer informal resolution in cases where the University determines informal resolution to be inappropriate based on the allegations or other circumstances.
  • Either party in an informal resolution process may terminate it at any time and, if that occurs, the complaint will proceed to the formal investigation and adjudication process set forth in the Sex-Based Misconduct Policy (PDF).
  • The Title IX Coordinator may decide to end an informal resolution process, including if new facts come to light rendering an informal resolution inappropriate.
  • If both parties consent, in writing, to participate in the informal resolution process, the University will assign a facilitator who will act in an independent, impartial manner to facilitate a resolution between the parties.
  • An informal resolution, if achieved, will be agreed to by both parties in writing and is considered final. That means that the disciplinary process will be concluded, the matter will be closed, and both parties will be provided with written notice of the resolution.
  • If no agreement is reached, the complaint returns to the formal investigation process.
  • Information gathered and utilized in informal resolution cannot be used in any other University process, including a formal investigation, if informal resolution ends unsuccessfully.