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First Generation Students

Welcome First-Gens!

We are committed to supporting our first-generation college students throughout their time at Pace and beyond. Explore this webpage for resources, activities, and more.

1 in 4

Pace students are first-gen (Source: Office of Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research)

Top 4%

most diverse college in America (Source:


the average number of first-year students receiving financial aid at Pace University

Who is a First Generation Student?

You are a first generation student when neither of your parents (nor step-parents nor legal guardians) completed a bachelor’s degree prior to your completing one (if they completed a bachelor’s degree subsequent to yours, that does not matter for this purpose). You are also considered to be first generation college student if your parents earned a degree outside of the U.S.

Group of Pace students smiling at the camera.

The first generation honor society offers lifetime membership, providing outward recognition of academic achievement and fostering a supportive community for first generation college students.

The Student Affairs office offers numerous workshops throughout the academic year, geared towards skills building for first generation students. Gain skills in resume building, networking, and leadership with this certificate.

To help make college more affordable, Pace University offers a generous financial aid program to its Undergraduate and Graduate students. Financial assistance can come from many places and in many forms, including scholarships and grants, Federal work study, and student loans.

Academic advisors are available to support your continued success throughout each academic year. Don’t miss the invaluable opportunity to develop one of the most important relationships you'll have during your time at Pace.

You might opt for performing arts or computer science, business studies or pre-med. Once you pick your major you'll be part of a school and its supportive community. Each school is unique, but they share a commitment to providing every student with maximum opportunity.

The Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is committed to creating and sustaining a welcoming and just campus climate for all members of Pace University through inclusive policies, practices and programming.

Get in Touch!

Email our Pleasantville representatives at or call (914) 773-3351. Stay tuned for New York City First-Gen office contact information.