Students walking our of a Pace University building in NYC

Health Insurance Waiver

Before Considering A Waiver, Please Be Sure You Have Alternate Coverage The Is Valid In New York State

The best way to verify the coverage (and limitations in coverage) of your insurance plan is to contact your insurance company. In most cases, there will be a contact number on the back of your insurance card. Before waiving out of the Pace insurance plan, we urge all students to take time to check with their insurance company to verify appropriate coverage in New York State. It is important to get specific confirmation, asking about whether the plan covers the following at the same level in NYS as it may in their home state or country:

  • Urgent care
  • Wellness visits
  • Sick visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Mental health care
  • Advanced imaging and diagnostic testing
  • Physical therapy

How To Waive The Student Plan

Students who can demonstrate that they have comparable alternate health insurance coverage may waive out of the plan by the waiver deadline (listed above). To do so:

Domestic students

  • Visit the Pace Portal and log-in with your Pace ID.
  • Click on the "Students" tab.
  • Scroll down to the "Express Links" section and click on "Health Insurance Waiver”
  • Sign-in again with your Pace ID.
  • Once you log in, complete and submit the required information to waive out of the Student Health Insurance.

International students

  • Visit our MyStudentMedical website, select the Pace profile that best describes you (Pace INTERNATIONAL ONLY, Pace University ELI, or Pace University Fresenius Group), and then choose SUBMIT WAIVER for international students.

2023-2024 Waiver Deadlines– Domestic And International

  • Fall 2023: September 22, 2023
  • Spring 2024: February 9, 2024
  • Summer I 2024: June 14, 2024