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Getting Started at Pace: New Employee’s Toolkit

Onboarding New Employees

Onboarding is a strategic and comprehensive process of assimilating and integrating new employees into the university, preparing them to succeed at their job, and enabling them, in a short period of time, to become fully engaged and productive members of the university.

To achieve the fastest and highest productivity and retention levels for new hires, this comprehensive onboarding process is recommended. Implementing onboarding is consistent with and supportive of the University’s mission, culture, and strategy and will result in increased new hire retention, engagement, and productivity.

The primary goal of Onboarding is to create the best, positive new-hire experience possible. It is the responsibility of all Pace employees to provide a welcoming and helpful environment for new staff members.

At Pace, there is a core onboarding process for all new hires. For management level and executive level new hires, the onboarding process provides additional services to ensure a smooth and rapid transition to the new position.

To successfully accomplish the onboarding process, a coordinated effort among the new hire, the hiring manager, staff support, and Human Resources is required. Roles and responsibilities for each of these onboarding stakeholders are outlined in each level of onboarding, as responsibilities may change depending on the organizational level of the new hire.