Spring 2021 Research

One distinguishing feature of a Pace education is that research isn’t just for faculty and advanced graduate students—it’s also for undergraduates. In fact, Pace has spent the past several years taking undergraduate research to the next level.

Isabelle Labianco '22 was able to rebound quickly when her summer internship plans fell through. Instead of a summer in an office cubicle, Isabelle was accepted to the Provost’s Student-Faculty Undergraduate Research program, and spent the next several months researching the intersection between behavioral economics and media messaging; particularly, how they combined in rather unique fashion during the early months of the pandemic.

When Christine Suddeth ’21 enrolled in the Pace School of Performing Arts as a musical theater student, she was in the midst of recovering from a voice injury—one that her voice teacher, PPA Professor Amanda Flynn, helped her recover from. “Doing this research opened my mind a bit more—as a performing arts major, you can get tunnel vision,” said Christine. “It was liberating in a way that I could expand my breadth of study.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world, the intersection between public health, safety, technological data, and the law became rather complicated. These questions prompted Joseph Peterson '22 to formulate a research topic titled “Who Has Your Health Data, What Are They Doing with it, and What Can You Do About it?: Legal and Technological Issues Related to Contact Tracing of COVID-19 Infections.”