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Jerry McKinstry
October 15, 2021
Pace university students in a computer lab on campus.

Local businesses are the lifeblood of our communities and after nearly two years in a pandemic, things are beginning to look up. In fact, a majority of businesses surveyed in the region say they will be stronger after the pandemic. Half say they are feeling pretty good about the future.

How do we know? Pace University recently released the results of its first poll—one that focuses exclusively on how businesses managed their operations during the pandemic. The results were as interesting as they were informative, and are going to be integrated into the classroom as part of Pace’s commitment to experiential learning, said Professor Kathryn Winsted, director of Lubin's Center for Student Enterprise and the Pace Business Poll.

The Pace Business Poll, a partnership between Pace University’s Lubin School of Business, The Business Council of New York State and The Business Council of Westchester, surveyed approximately 300 business leaders from New York City and its suburbs. The poll was conducted by email and by phone by students at Pace Connect, one of Lubin’s five student-run businesses in the Center for Student Enterprise at Pace.

“This was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about business and how businesses respond to crises,” said Liang Lin, a senior management major who is general manager at Pace Connect. “It was also very helpful for us to learn how to communicate effectively with business leaders.”

Professor Winsted noted how insightful and hopeful the respondents were; she is encouraged by the responses.

“The resiliency showed by many businesses during the pandemic was inspiring, and there is much to be gained by studying how businesses adjusted, adapted, and found new ways to make things work,” Winsted said. “Many business leaders expressed growing appreciation for the need for work/life balance and the importance of employees’ well-being.”

Read the full report here and watch a video about the Pace Business Poll. The Pace Business Poll is working on its next poll this fall, which will focus on return to work, business sentiment, real estate, employee concerns, customer relations, and other issues of interest. Business interested in participating in the next poll can email

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