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The Lubin School of Business launched the Pace Business Poll in the spring of 2021​ in partnership with the Business Council of New York State and the Business Council of Westchester. The poll is being implemented by Pace Connect, a student-run research center that is part of Pace's Center for Student Enterprise.

The poll studies issues affecting downstate New York businesses. The initial poll focused on the effects of the pandemic on downstate NY businesses. Future polls will focus on recovery and other issues affecting businesses in New York City and Westchester counties. Surveys will be conducted by phone and email every spring and findings will be released in conjunction with the co-sponsor organizations.

Spring 2022 Pace Business Poll

The second Pace Business Poll was conducted in spring 2022. The report showed that most employers are more flexible now than they were before the pandemic with many more employees now allowed to work from home. Most of the managers surveyed said that they implemented new procedures, added new products and services and emerged stronger than before the pandemic.

Most employers required employees to be vaccinated and many said they were still having difficulty hiring and getting staff to work on site. About half of businesses still had less than three-quarters of their staff back on site. More than half were optimistic about the future of New York City and surrounding areas for business.

Spring 2021 Pace Business Poll Report

A survey of business leaders from New York City, Westchester, and Long Island showed that most area businesses were able to stay open during the pandemic, though many were negatively impacted financially. Most of the leaders surveyed said that they implemented new procedures and went to remote work during the pandemic and most feel that they learned important lessons and emerged stronger than they were before the pandemic.

CSE Director Dr. Kathy Winsted
Dr. Kathryn Winsted, Pace Business Poll Director

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