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About Ongoing Academic Social Instructional Support (OASIS)

Pace University’s OASIS program provides one of the most comprehensive support services for students with high functioning autism and those with other learning challenges who would like to fulfill their dream of furthering their education.

The program is designed to help OASIS students thrive in college and prepare for life after graduation. OASIS students are Pace students first, learning alongside their peers in an academically rigorous setting. While accommodations in courses are provided, the work is not modified and remains at the college level. Each year, OASIS students achieve an average combined GPA of 3.0 or higher. Support comes in the form of an OASIS team for each student:

  • Academic coach: meets with each student one hour a day to assist them with assignments, organization, and management of their studies.
  • Educational coordinator: provides support for course selection/registration.
  • Housing coordinator: meets with students to help them navigate residential life. The goal is to help integrate students into campus life through trips, activities, and club participation.
  • Social coaches: assist OASIS students in the “social literacy” course taught at OASIS during the summer. These coaches provide experiential opportunities for social growth and give individualized feedback and support.
  • Social coordinator: assists students’ integration into the social activities at OASIS and the Pace Community.
  • Social worker: provides social and emotional support, assists in addressing individual needs, and offers group sessions.
  • Internship coordinator: works with Pace’s Career Services Department and other organizations to help students find internships that match their interests and skills.
  • Accommodations: for testing and assignments provided to OASIS students.