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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special application requirements?

Students in the OASIS program have demonstrated the ability to succeed in a rigorous academic program. Their grades and academic credentials must meet the requirements for admission to Pace University. Applicants for the OASIS program meet with OASIS support staff for a personal interview. Applicants are required to submit a recent neuropsychological evaluation.

Can I be accepted to OASIS without being academically accepted to Pace University?

Students must be academically accepted to Pace University before being accepted to the OASIS program.

Is there a fee for the program?

Yes, the fee is paid each semester. View our fee schedule.

Is the coursework modified?

No. While accommodations in courses are provided, the work is not modified and remains at the college level. A plan of study is developed for each student in consideration of the student’s strengths and program requirements.

What happens if the OASIS student is having academic or social problems?

We expect and plan for bumps in the road, but our comprehensive model involves fluid communication with the students’ family, as well as faculty and staff. Parents are updated by academic coaches a minimum of two time per semester.

Will other students know whether or not someone is an OASIS student?

Only if you want them to. OASIS students are not identified in their academic courses. OASIS students have the legal right to choose to disclose their status.

How many students are in the program?

On average, there are 40 OASIS participants.

How does dorm life work?

OASIS students have the same on-campus housing opportunities as their fellow Pace students. They can apply to live with an individual who is also in the program, or they can choose to live with someone else. Visit our housing website for more information about our resident halls.