professors working in a media studio on New York City campus

How Faculty Can Use the OLC

The Online Learning Center (OLC) serves all Pace faculty from all colleges and campus locations. We require that faculty utilizing the center collaborate with OLC staff prior to accessing the center’s equipment and services.

Our Process

  1. Get started by emailing us your project details at See our Book a Studio page for information about studio availability and upcoming workshops.
  2. Collaborate with OLC staff to prepare for production, and complete any training required for your project.
  3. Schedule your production, create your media, and share it. OLC staff can assist with every step along the way.

Here are a few ways faculty can use the center

  • Create a video recording in a controlled environment using One Button Studio. This is as simple as inserting a USB drive and pressing a button. A countdown displays and the recording begins. This is ideal for faculty that want to record a live presentation in a better quality format than in a normal classroom. Faculty may also opt to utilize this to create higher quality videos for their online course than they can capture at home or in their office.
  • Develop a production plan to create well-produced media utilizing multiple camera views, digital Pace-branded backgrounds, or virtual sets.
  • Postproduction editing support.
  • A quiet, well-lit space in one of our Mini Studios to edit or record material.