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Survey and Qualtrics Resources

Survey Policy and Resources

Surveys are an increasingly popular method for gathering information and feedback. Please see the Schedule of Recurring Surveys (PDF) for a calendar of larger University-wide surveys.

The purpose of this website is to provide information to anyone interested in administering a survey to Pace University students, faculty and/or staff.

Pace University has adopted this policy on survey administration to:

  • minimize survey fatigue and collection of duplicate data by combining data collection needs whenever possible and appropriate
  • reduce the number and timing of multiple surveys to the same audience
  • ensure surveys are methodologically sound and of good quality
  • support the appropriate distribution and use of survey results
  • maintain a thorough and accessible record of survey tools and findings

The following policy will apply whenever a department, college or school conducts a survey to 50 or more respondents. It does not apply to questionnaires and similar limited surveys that are used to test the reaction to a course or a training session, course assessment, or surveys administered by students as coursework.

All surveys must be approved by OPAIR. Additional approvals required as listed below:

Audience Approval Required
Any Audience Office of Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research
Faculty Provost
Staff Human Resources
Alumni Development and Alumni Relations
General Public University Relations
Prospective Students Enrollment Management

To ensure the protection of human subjects and to comply with federal law, Pace University requires that, prior to initiation, all research projects involving human subjects be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Additional information can be found at the Pace University IRB website.

The Office of Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research has resources available to support the development, coordination, administration and analysis of survey. Please forward any survey materials and address initial inquiries to Edward Goralski, egoralski@pace.edu, (914) 923-2753.

Qualtrics Resources

Qualtrics is a free web-based survey software for faculty, staff, and students.

In partnership with the Office of Planning, Assessment and Intitutional Research (OPAIR), the Office of the Provost is pleased to make Qualtrics, an entirely web-based, self-service internet survey system, available to support research, teaching, and administration at Pace University.

If you are having any issues with Qualtrics or need help creating a survey, please email OPAIR.

Single Sign On

All Pace Community members are able to sign into Qualtrics using their Pace credentials.

  • Login into Qualtrics with your Pace credentials
  • When prompted select "I don't have an account-" to create an account

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?
Users with Pace credentials, Login to Qualtrics and select "I don't have an account." Then enter your Pace credentials.

What if my log in is not through my name, but instead through my department?
If you have an email address that is for a department, or unit, you may use that email to create a Qualtrics account. For example, Faculty Center is using facultycenter as their username and facultycenter@pace.edu as the email log in.

Where do I get help designing my survey?
Qualtrics has a library of resources that can help you design your survey.