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Measuring Progress

We have defined a set of key metrics aligned with our strategic priorities to measure our success.

In addition to institutional metrics, each school/college has specific student and faculty success metrics. Each administrative unit has specific operational metrics to assess their progress.

These metrics are reported to the Community and to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis throughout each academic year. Regular reporting of metrics will ensure that we are on track and taking appropriate action to meet our strategic objectives.

September/October: Reputation and Satisfaction

  • Rankings
  • Student satisfaction (NSSE or SSI)
  • Faculty and staff satisfaction (every other year as measured by Great Colleges to Work For
  • Brand and/or Alumni Survey results as available

December: Enrollment and Student Success

  • Fall Census enrollment by school/college and gender/race/ethnicity
  • Undergraduate retention and graduation, by student characteristic
  • Graduate program enrollment and persistence

March: Faculty and Staff Diversity

  • Faculty and staff diversity
  • Fall to spring retention

May: Student Outcomes

  • Post-graduate placement results
  • Graduate program completion

June: Financial Sustainability

  • Fundraising results
  • Alumni engagement
  • Net student revenue per FTE
  • Operating margin
  • Capital spending

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