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Office of Student Assistance

Announcements and Important Dates

*Subject to change


  • January 2017 Registration began on Monday, October 24th
  • Tuesday, November 1st   is the last day to withdraw without permission from Fall 2016
  • Graduate Registration for Spring 2017 begins on Monday, November 7th
  • Undergraduate Registration for Spring 2017 begins on Monday, November 14th

Important Dates

October, 2016  
10/1 Saturday All "I" Grades for Summer II 2016 become "F" grades. 
10/2 Sunday Rosh Hashanah (Evening) - No evening classes scheduled
10/2 Sunday International Student Deadline to Submit Mandatory Health Insurance Waiver Form for Fall 2016
10/3 Monday First Day of Rosh Hashanah - No classes scheduled
10/4 Tuesday Deadline for Graduate/Doctoral Students to Submit Maintaining Matriculation Form
10/10 Monday Columbus Day - Classes scheduled
10/11 Tuesday Yom Kippur (Evening) - No Evening Classes Scheduled
10/12 Wednesday Yom Kippur - No Classes Scheduled
10/21 Friday Deferred Fall 2016 Midterm Filing Deadline (NYC)
10/24 Monday  January 2017 Intersession Registration Begins 
10/28 Friday Deferred Fall 2016 Midterm Date (NYC)
November, 2016  
11/1 Tuesday Last Day to Withdraw Without Permission - Fall 2016 Classes
11/7 Monday Graduate Registration Begins for Spring 2017
11/8 Tuesday  Election Day - Class scheduled
11/11 Friday Veteran's Day - Classes scheduled
11/14 Monday Undergraduate Registration Begins for Spring 2017
11/15 Tuesday Last Day to Withdraw With Permission - Fall 2016 Classes
11/23 Wednesday - 11/27 Sunday Thanksgiving Break - No classes scheduled
December, 2016  
12/1 Thursday Deadline to submit Proof of MMR and Meningitis Immunization Compliance for Spring 2017 Entrance
12/9 Friday  Fall 2016 Conflict Filing Final Exam Date (NYC)
12/13 Tuesday Undergraduate Study Day - No Undergraduate Day classes scheduled
12/14 Wednesday Last Day of Instructional Classes
12/16 Friday Fall 2016 Conflict Final Exam Date (NYC)
12/21 Wednesday Fall 2016 Ends
12/23 Friday - 1/2/16 Monday Holiday and New Year Break - University Closed
TBD Fall 2016 Conflict Final Filing/Exam Date (PLV)
Final Exams All Finals are scheduled on the last day of class. Please refer to the Academic Calendar (