3 Pace University students walking in downtown Manhattan.

Art Portfolio Development

Gain Key Skills For Your College Art Portfolio This Summer at Pace

During this two-week studio intensive, students will create finished artworks for their college portfolio applications. Students will be guided in making artwork through direct observation and inspired to experiment with mixed media, two key components in college portfolio requirements. Classes will include actively make paintings at the easels in our professional painting studio and make prints on the press in our printmaking studio.

Throughout the first week, students will work in painting and drawing through direct observation to create still-life and portrait paintings for their portfolios. Students will also have the opportunity to make figure drawings in charcoal working from a live model. The second week will concentrate on material explorations, as most college portfolio requirements ask students to submit work showcasing a variety of processes and mediums. This week will be dedicated to mixed media with a special emphasis on printmaking - an exciting artistic discipline.

Students will also participate in a walking tour of the vibrant contemporary art galleries in Tribeca to experience the art community in NYC.

At the end of the program, the students will have 3-5 completed pieces of artwork and families are invited to a final showcase where students will display their completed works.

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Jennifer Schwarting

Dyson Arts Professor at Pace University, Jennifer Schwarting

Jennifer Schwarting is a Brooklyn-based artist working in painting and mixed media. She received her BFA from Cornell University and her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. Schwarting teaches courses in Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media and Printmaking. She was granted a Pace University Teaching Excellence Award in 2016.