Integrated Instruction for Literacy and Technology, Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study

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Empower 21st Century Learning

Reading and writing skills shape an individual’s future, affecting everything from their ability to gain meaningful employment to their access to essential services like healthcare. Literacy educators make a lasting impact on students’ lives by helping to develop the skills they need to fulfill their academic potential and pursue successful, fulfilling careers. If you’re a certified teacher, the online Advanced Certificate in Integrated Literacy and Technology from Pace University’s School of Education can provide you with effective, research-driven strategies to engage learners from a variety of backgrounds, and these courses can be used to complete an MSEd, Literacy Specialist.

Be Ahead of the Class

  • Get hired. Our strong partnerships with local school districts mean that our students are getting hired before they even graduate.
  • Integrate key knowledge and dispositions necessary to teach in today’s modern classrooms. Our coursework includes applications of technology to address the specific needs of all learners, including students with disabilities and culturally and linguistically diverse students.
  • Become media smart! Our instruction using and teaching use of apps and media, for literacy learning and content area activities, is engaging and informative.
  • We are a proud member of the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP), an accreditation organization for educator preparation programs that promotes the preparation of effective educators through innovative, outcomes-focused programs that engage education’s toughest challenges, directly and in context.

Take Courses Like…

This 9-credit, post-baccalaureate program prepares teachers to gain expertise in the integration of literacy and educational technology, including the new literacies. You will gain an understanding of the new tools, resources, and higher cognitive and meta-cognitive processes that contribute to literacy development. Learn to develop strategies for working with children who have language and learning disabilities.

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Add Opportunities and Experiences

You will be given the opportunity to present papers and research at local professional conferences, and school-based tutoring experiences are assignments in many of our classes.

Choose Your Career

The literacy specialist certificate program enables certified teachers to become more reflective practitioners, ready to adjust to learners’ changing needs at each stage of development. Graduates can excel in a variety of positions and contexts, such as:

  • Reading teacher in all classrooms, including special education settings, in a public or private school
  • Reading specialist in a library, resource center, tutoring center, or other educational institution
  • Reading coach who collaborates with teachers to supplement their literacy instruction
  • Private instructor for students with reading disabilities
  • Consultant on literacy issues for publication companies
  • School administrator

Where Graduates are Employed

NYC Department of Education, Putnam, Rockland, and Westchester School Districts



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