Latina/o Studies, BA

  • New York City
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Understand Yourself and Others

The Latina/o Studies program at Pace University is centered on the notion that identity, of others and ourselves, often colors the lens through which we see, understand, and interact with the world. In this program, you’ll have opportunities to develop a thorough knowledge of the culture, history, language, literature, and politics of the largest ethno-racial group in the United States: Latina/o/x.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

  • Learn from a faculty with expertise in a variety of social science disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, psychology, and political science, and strengths in the arts, including music, literature, performance, and film.
  • Focus to methodologies specific to Chicano/Latino Studies, and debates that reflect larger transformations in US culture and society.
  • Become uniquely qualified to act as a bridge between the general population and the growing Latina/o/x population.

Take Courses Like…

Housed in the political science department, the Latina/o Studies program is dedicated to the study of Latina/o/x communities, with a strong interest in the socio-political dimensions of US Latina/o/x life, from early colonialism and pre-colonial times, to contemporary developments such as recent Mexican and Southern American immigration to New York City. It builds upon the interdisciplinary nature that is a hallmark of a Pace education, and the applied and real-world application of classroom learning that Dyson College is known for.

Add Opportunities and Experiences

Students take field trips to immigrant neighborhoods in NYC, visit the El Museo del Barrio in upper Manhattan, coordinate with SABOR Latino/a, the Latinx student club, for film screenings and speakers.

Choose Your Career

Employers in both the public and private sectors seek candidates who have a keen understanding of the growing Latina/o/x communities. In the Latina/o Studies program, you’ll have the opportunity to develop skills sets for a variety of professional and vocational realms.  As a graduate, you’ll be prepared to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector with a community-based organization, in public service, in law and advocacy, and in the private sector, engaging with Latina/o/x consumers. You may also choose to pursue postgraduate studies in a variety of disciplines and professional fields, including law school, medical school, business school, or MA and PhD programs.


The Latina/o/x population continues to grow across the United States—from current census estimates of 55 million to 119 million by 2060.

The New York City area alone represents the largest Hispanic city in the Unites States with a population of 2.3 million Latinos according to the 2010 census.