Sociology/Anthropology, BA

A Holistic View Of Society

Our unique blend of intriguing coursework, challenging research, and rewarding internships will provide you with a dynamic and practical understanding of the diverse social and cultural world in which we live. With our BA in Sociology/Anthropology, you’ll gain an evolutionary, comparative, and comprehensive view of your society and of other societies in our world.

The Best of Two Disciplines

  • Investigate the social world that we inhabit.
  • Examine and explain how human behaviors relate to cultural context and social environment.
  • Study the social interactions of people, groups, and entire societies.



In cooperation with the Office of Career Services at Pace University, the department seeks to match students with internship placements that overlap with academic interests and complement academic coursework.

Anthropology and sociology students have opportunities to engage in independent and thesis research, with recent topics focusing on border enforcement and ICE regulations, notions of nationality and citizenship among British youth post-Brexit, studies of NYC’s Chinatown and adaptations of Chinese food in the US context, and examinations of recycling practices cross-nationally.

Coursework typically includes research projects involving mapping of immigrant settlement patterns globally; analyzing allegations of police misconduct throughout the US; exploring monuments and memorials in the urban context; and visiting urban farms, art exhibits focused on migration, urban life and urban protest, and attending and organizing special events such as the UN Global Migration Film Festival and community forums on homelessness and social justice.

In recent years, students have been appointed to internships at:

  • American Museum of Natural History, photographing and analyzing Pueblo ground stone tools.
  • Scalabrini Center for All Migrants, working on immigrant advocacy and research.
  • Black Entertainment Television, working on music programming.
  • New Shul, creating lesson plans and providing an organizational analysis to the shul.
  • Immigration Equality, an advocacy organization for LGTBQA+ migrants, working on research and development/fundraising.


Our program offers students the opportunity to acquire unique skills that make for highly competitive candidates in the job market.

Since sociologists/anthropologists have developed expertise surrounding interactions between and within people and diverse cultures, they are frequently hired as consultants by businesses and governments. Some start their own consulting firms.


Sociologists and anthropologists are involved in a wide variety of fields:

  • Advocacy
  • City planning
  • Counseling
  • Hospital case managers
  • Housing advocacy
  • Labor organizing
  • Museum management
  • Policy analysis
  • Public health officials in government
  • Public health work