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About Us

Who We Are

When you choose to become involved in campus activities, You are expected to raise in the occasion of new challenges, meet new friends, and ultimately, have a really good time. We certainly want you to experience all those things, but there's even more to gain. What you may not have expected are some added benefits that go hand in hand with effective student leadership. Through firsthand experience in planning and implementing projects, you can expect to develop your problem-solving skills, enhance your managerial techniques and improve your interpersonal communication. You will have the opportunity to incorporate classroom theory into real life experiences which will benefit you, time and time again, both personally and academically. We want you to be as effective as possible! The Center for Student Development and Campus Activities exists to help you and your organization attain excellence. So when you're unsure of where to go or what to do, turn to The Center for Student Development and Campus Activities. We want you to succeed!

Vision Statement

To foster an inclusive, experiential learning environment and create dynamic co-curricular opportunities for the intellectual growth of our students as they prepare to be global leaders of the world.

Mission Statement

To develop students into responsible, well-rounded, and self-reliant individuals. We empower by promoting a broad range of programs and services to engage students in leadership development and to involve them in campus life. We adapt to the evolving needs of our students and community by building working partnerships within and outside of the university.


In fulfilling the vision and mission, the following values will guide the Center for Student Development and Campus Activities specific strategic goals and activities.

  • Service to Students - We will continue to assist our students to achieve their individual and collective goals through leadership programs and services specifically designed to help them succeed and become greater global citizens and leaders.
  • Diversity - We will actively model and promote a campus culture in which respect, responsibility, diversity of varied ideas, and individual perspectives are valued.
  • Accountability - We will assist in the process of acquiring knowledge and developing skills to reach individual potential.
  • Community - We will embrace a culture of open dialogue, mutual respect, commitment to long term relationships, collaborations and a sense of belonging that inspires Pace pride.
  • Advocacy/Adaptability - We will support a campus climate that serves as agents of change through meaningful contributions within the campus, locally and globally.