Pace University students on the Brooklyn Bridge, near the New York City campus.

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Gabriella Kathryn Lester
Assistant Director, Leadership Programs

Leadership Fair

The Leadership Fair is a one-stop shop for all students to learn about leadership and on-campus employment positions, as well as an opportunity to connect with various Pace departments, offices, and student-run organizations. One side of the Fair consists of tabling, while the other side offers brief 15-minute information sessions that provide a more in-depth overview of said departments, offices, or student-run organizations to interested students. This is where it all starts—be sure to stop by and discover how to get involved on campus.

Pace Talks

Pace Talks is a Ted Talk-style event that showcases a combination of dynamic speakers from within and outside the Pace Community. Each year, Pace Talks features new and exhilarating student speakers and topics ranging from authenticity to embracing inner struggles to much more. This is an excellent opportunity not just for students to hear from experienced speakers, but also to hear from fellow Pace students who speak on their lived experiences while providing invaluable perspective and insight.

Setter Leadership Showcase

Our office hosts these events in celebration of each academic year! They are held in April to highlight student leadership accomplishments and acknowledgements. Students can sign up to share a poster or table display to highlight their accomplishments from internships, student organization management, mentoring, and other leadership experiences!

Leadership Excursion

The Leadership Excursion is an opportunity that allows students from both the New York City and Pleasantville campuses to come together in order to understand the significance of what it means to be a civically responsible citizen. By offering a unique opportunity to explore beyond the classroom, students get a chance to learn about leadership concepts directly by interacting with a new community, cultivating leadership abilities, and learning how to create real, lasting change.

This special opportunity was made possible by the Chartwell's Leadership Scholarship

  • Students spend a weekend off-campus at a New Jersey sleep away camp and test their skills through high and low ropes courses and team development activities. They get to know their Clifton Strengths and prepare to use them on their Pace Path. The trip is free to students and includes food, lodging, and transportation for the weekend.

  • The Spring Leadership Excursion is a free, weekend trip for students to visit Washington D.C. and explore the many museums and national monuments! We discuss the meaning of civic engagement and how to be active and influential members of our community. We also discuss how Clifton Strengths can help us to achieve our civic leadership goals.

Setter Leadership Awards

Celebrate the accomplishments of our student leaders in organizations, mentoring positions, and campus jobs!

  • These awards are the most prestigious at our ceremony and are named after iconic figures in Pace’s history. Students who earn these awards are recognized for outstanding collective participation in University and community affairs, outstanding leadership qualities, as well as ethical decision making with a commitment to the University mission. There is also a respected award for a graduating senior who has consistently shown dedication and commitment to the Pace Community.

  • These awards highlight the involvement of our students on campus and honor students for being social change makers, emerging leaders, impact makers, and are awarded to students who have left a legacy of outstanding contributions in their communities. These awards are open to all students and do not need to relate to their work within a student organization.

  • These awards are given to student organizations and their leaders who have made a significant mark on the Pace community. Student organizations leaders are recognized for their commitment to their work and organizations are awarded for hosting the best program of the year. The most sought-after awards in this category are the New Student Organization of the Year and the distinguished Organization of the Year.

  • These are awards given by other offices on campus who recognize their students again at this event. At the Setter Leadership Awards, we want all students’ excellence to be celebrated, so each year we offer departments the chance to share their award winners at our ceremony. Previous offices who have joined us are the Center for Community Action and Research, the LGBTQA+ Center, and Residential Life. We are always looking for more offices to recognize their students at this celebration.