Pace University students on the Brooklyn Bridge, near the New York City campus.

Letter from the Assistant Dean and Director

Welcome to the Center for Student Engagement! We aim to enhance the student experience on the New York City Campus by providing opportunities to build community and help develop students into responsible, well-rounded, and self-reliant individuals and leaders. Through our leadership programs, campus activities, and student organizations, we promote student engagement and growth. We know that student involvement and student success go hand in hand, so we encourage you to get connected and find your place within the Pace Community.

Our vision is to foster an inclusive campus culture that supports the holistic development of students, and challenges students to lead, engage, and thrive. In working to fulfill our vision and mission, we are guided by our values, which are defined as:

  • Service to Students: We will continue to assist our students to achieve their individual and collective goals through leadership programs and services specifically designed to help them succeed and become greater global citizens and leaders.
  • Diversity: We will actively model and promote a campus culture in which respect, responsibility, diversity of varied ideas, and individual perspectives are valued.
  • Accountability: We will assist in the process of acquiring knowledge and developing skills to reach individual potential.
  • Community: We will embrace a culture of open dialogue, mutual respect, commitment to long-term relationships, collaborations, and a sense of belonging that inspires Pace pride.
  • Advocacy and Adaptability: We will support a campus climate that serves as agents of change through meaningful contributions within the campus, both locally and globally.

We look forward to meeting and working with you!


Michael Cordova
Interim Director