Collage of images from the WIlson Center at Pace University
Wilson Center

Wilson Center

The important work of the Wilson Center has been made possible by the vision and support of our benefactors, Helene T. Wilson and her husband, Grant M. Wilson.

The mission of the Helene T. and Grant M. Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship is to promote social change through entrepreneurship. The Center furthers this mission by serving Pace students across all disciplines, social enterprises and nonprofit organizations with education, research, communication, and advisory service.

Cultivating the next generation of interdisciplinary nonprofit and social enterprise leaders by offering both education and leadership development.

Creating a diverse portfolio of research projects focused on identifying and addressing immediate issues facing nonprofits and social enterprises.

Sharing knowledge and highlighting trends and challenges in the sector, as well as the work of unique nonprofits and social enterprises, through a broad array of channels to directly influence practice.

Fostering a collaborative community of faculty, students, alumni, and practitioners.