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Request Training

We invite you to request training for your faculty and staff on topics related to the CARE Team operations and strategies. To request training, please complete the CARE Team Training Request form.

Outcomes of CARE Team Training:

  • Ideal for faculty regarding classroom and advising concerns
  • Ideal for staff who are student-facing or manage several student staff members
  • Gain knowledge of the CARE Team and its functions
  • Differentiate between disruptive and disturbing/dangerous behaviors
  • Learn how to refer concerns and how the CARE Team utilizes the information in CARE reports
  • Articulate the possible outcomes of a CARE team response
  • Explain the criteria of assessing dangerous behavior
  • Discuss how to express your concerns to students and how to help secure additional support for them
  • Understand how to continue a relationship with a student you’re concerned about after a CARE report has been submitted

CARE Team Training Request Form

Please allow 3 weeks for us to confirm the schedule and assign a facilitator for your training request