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Who is on the team?

The CARE Team is present on all three of Pace's campuses and consists of University personnel with expertise in law enforcement, threat assessment, University operations, medical and mental health, and student affairs. Membership is based on the position and not the individual. The members listed below have regular contact with campus community members, which directly aids in the assessment of individuals and/or the authority to recommend the appropriate action to decision makers. The team may also consult other individuals as needed, such as a faculty member (who has a concern about a student), a roommate, family member, staff with other areas of expertise, local law enforcement, and so forth.

The team reviews CARE reports and identifies resources that can be coordinated in support of students of concern. We encourage any concerns regarding disturbing or dangerous behavior be submitted using a CARE Report, but any member of the team below is available to advise you on the process or help you determine if a CARE report is the next best step.

In the case of an emergency that requires immediate response, please contact Safety and Security.

New York City

Todd Smith-Bergollo, Chair of New York City CARE Team
Senior Associate Dean for Students
Email: tsmithbergollo@pace.edu

Melissa Grant
Associate Dean of Advisement
Email: mgrant@pace.edu

Monisha Moore
Assistant Director, Community Standards
Email: mmoore@pace.edu

Stacey Butler
Director, Residential Life
Email: arogergordon@pace.edu

Richard Shadick
Director, Counseling Center
Email: rshadick@pace.edu

Barry Tang
Security Manager
Email: btang@pace.edu

Juliette Verrengia
Interpersonal Violence Education Prevention Specialist
Email: jverrengia@pace.edu


Rosa Ament
Director, Counseling Center
Email: rament@pace.edu

Vincent Beatty
Executive Director, Safety and Security
Email: vbeatty@pace.edu

Rachel Simon
Interim Director for Office of Multicultural Affairs
Email: rsimon@pace.edu

Jennifer Talbot
Associate Dean, First Year Experience & Transitions
Email: jtalbot@pace.edu

Alerie Tirsch
Associate Dean for Students
Director, Residential Life and Housing
Email: atirsch@pace.edu