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GED Program

Earn Your Ged While Studying For Your Associate's Or Bachelor's Degree


Students who are at least 19 years of age and have not completed their high school education or have not taken the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) exam are eligible to enroll in this program.

GED Program Curriculum

By completing the 24 credits in this program, with an overall grade point average of "C" (2.0), students are granted their GED and allowed to matriculate into a degree program. Students in the GED program may take a maximum of 11 credits (3 courses) each semester. (Maximum of 7 credits each summer session).

The following 24 credits must be completed to be eligible for the GED awarded by New York State:

  • 6 credits in English language arts including writing, speaking and reading (literature)—Foundation Core Courses
  • 3 credits in mathematics—Foundation Core Courses
  • 3 credits in natural science—Exploratory Core Course
  • 3 credits in social science—Choose from an Exploratory Core Course in Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology
  • 3 credits in humanities—Choose from Exploratory Core Courses in Art, Drama, History, Music or Philosophy
  • 6 credits in college degree program requirements—Choose from Pace's Core Courses

Upon completion of the above program, the student must fill-out Attachment J (PDF) and send to the NYS Board of Education, along with their Pace transcript. The state will then mail the GED to the student, which can then be provided to Pace to complete matriculation.

To Apply

To apply, students must submit a visiting student application.

Once we've received your application and $50 application fee, you will be notified with instructions on your next steps. Before you can register, you will need to take a placement exam in English and math. (If the exam results indicate that remedial courses are necessary, students must successfully complete the remedial courses before enrolling in the core courses.)

Note that there is no financial aid for students enrolled in the GED program and transfer credits are not accepted towards the program

If you have additional questions, or would like to follow-up on the status of your application, please email


The part-time tuition rate applies to the GED program. You can view the part-time rate on our Tuition web page.