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Conferences and Special Events

IHSRC Conference 2022

When: June 12–15, 2022

There have been a variety of perspectives in the evolution of research methods within phenomenological work. This conference will identify, explore, clarify, and establish common ground relative to these varying perspectives, with an aim towards emphasizing convergences within the context of diverse thought.

Each year at the International Human Science Research Conference, scholars from diverse countries, languages, disciplines, and backgrounds come together to share their research and discuss matters of phenomenology. They come together in dialogue, engaging across commonalities and differences.

This year’s conference will focus on a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches in phenomenology and their impact on the state of the science. The application of phenomenological methods to lived experience research will be explored in areas such as education, psychology, medicine, nursing and philosophy to name a few.

Current Speakers

  • Patricia Benner
  • Michael Van Manen
  • Scott Churchill