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International Partnerships

Pace's Office of International Partnerships works across the institution to coordinate international partnership agreements and contracts as well as leads efforts in curriculum mapping. Further, International Partnerships is focused on the development of strategies to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in international academic activities.

Things to consider when initiating new partnerships:

  • Similarity in institutional or departmental profiles
  • Students’ success due to partnership outcomes
  • Faculty mobility, teaching and learning initiatives
  • Collaborative research and publications
  • Curriculum mapping and Integration
  • Mutual understanding and joint accomplishments that are otherwise hard to fulfill on own
  • Funding for collaborative research

Types of Partnerships

  • Pace students pay their regular tuition and fees costs that are waived for the incoming students who pay the fees to their home institution. For more information about the difference between exchanges and partner programs abroad please visit Pace Study Abroad.

    • 2+2 Undergraduate; 1+1 Master’s –students enroll in sequent programs with identified courses counting towards degrees conferred by partner institution and Pace
    • 3+2 Master’s - students complete three years Bachelor's at their home institution and transfer at Pace to complete their Masters
    • Visiting Student – students from an institution abroad come to Pace for one or two semesters and they need to meet all the admissions requirements including English proficiency. Students in these cohorts may be non-degree-seeking students, participants in special short programs or matriculated in a degree program at a Partner institution abroad and taking courses at Pace outside of their academic field of study.
    • Visiting Scholar, Teaching, or Research – Faculty from an international partner institution can teach their courses at Pace for a short term or for a semester. They can also engage in collaborative research and with faculty from Pace.
    • Summer Programs – Pace various academic units offer a variety of short-term summer programs for international relations, internships, academic and cultural enhancement in NY. Agreements can be arranged with international partners solely for the purposes of the short-term summer programs or to include such programs in already existing MOUs
    • International Special Programs – ISP works with partner institutions overseas to customize English programs for their cohorts of students who wish to improve their language skills for personal and professional growth.
    • English Language Institute (ELI) – ELI offers a wide range of English programs and flexible study options to help students improve English writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills for academic and professional career success. Students are also able to take courses in Pre-Academic English, TOEFL Preparation, Marketing Skills, International Relations, and content-based courses in a variety of subjects. Students take an online placement test accompanied by an academic advising session and have the chance to enroll in the course level that best fits their needs: Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced.

Our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) highlights Pace’s efforts to advance internationalization strategies through international academic collaborations with institutional partners across the globe. The MOU establishes areas and details of collaborations, effective date and renewal. Through an amendment the agreement may be modified with the written mutual consent of both universities.


For more information related to new partnerships, international curriculum, or DEI in international programs please contact Alina Pap, EdD