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July 11, 2022
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Pace has been preparing students for the demands of an evolving job market for more than 115 years. Now we’re creating new academic programs that will help our students succeed in the careers of the next 115.

It’s part of the commitment to academic innovation in our new strategic plan, called Pace Forward, that ensures we meet the needs of today’s students and employers.

In 2021, the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems launched a master’s program in Human Centered Design. It’s a discipline that blends art, design, psychology, and technology to focus on how people interact with machines. For some considering grad school, this degree can mean a significant value-add to a career in tech not only now, but especially during the transition into Web 3—the umbrella term used to describe emerging technologies such as the metaverse, blockchain, and NFTs.

Together with the College of Health Professions (CHP), Seidenberg is also offering a new master’s degree in Health Informatics. It’s an interdisciplinary program designed to launch careers at the intersection of health and technology—ranging from telehealth, to artificial intelligence, to software development, and much more.

“Healthcare technology is bringing us into an exciting world of truly personalized medicine and healthcare,” says Jonathan Hill, DPS, dean of Seidenberg. “Right now, faculty from CHP and Seidenberg are working with students on innovative, interdisciplinary research projects that seamlessly blend healthcare and technology in ways that improve the healthcare experience not just for patients, but for medical professionals as well.”

Finally, the School of Education has a new master’s program in Early Childhood Development and Learning. This new degree program draws upon all the latest advancements in the field to best prepare educators to succeed in the ever-changing education landscape— ensuring that while the educational tools and strategies may be different, the quality will continue to be of the highest caliber.

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