Housing 101: First-Time Residents

Alyssa Cressotti
August 10, 2023
pace family moving into 15 beekman

From quads to doubles and from townhouses to private rooms, moving out for the first time is stressful—for you and your family! Here are a few things you need to know as a first-year residential student moving on to a Pace campus.

And if you still haven’t found the info you were looking for, please refer to our exhaustive Guide to Residential Living 2023–2024 (PDF).

What to Bring (And Not Bring!)

One of the great things about having campuses in New York is that we’re close to all sorts of stores—if you’ve forgotten something, if you got something for your space but it doesn’t work as well as you’d hoped, if you thought your roommate was bringing something and they didn’t, it’s okay. There are plenty of stores surrounding all of our campuses and if you don’t have something you need on the first day of the semester, it’s not the end of the world. Plus, during your first few weeks on campus, Student Engagement hosts shopping trips so you can grab any of the last-minute items you didn’t get to bring. On top of that, you can have just about anything shipped to your residence hall relatively quickly. So, let’s get into it:

Do Bring:

  • Your brand-new Pace ID. You'll get your Pace ID from Housing staff when you move in. To make sure your ID is ready and waiting for you, submit your ID photos online using the Online Photo ID Submission Webpage.
  • Bedding and linens. All of our beds in all of our residence halls use Twin XL sheets. Also, don’t forget you’ll need towels! Shower curtains will be provided by Housing in 15 Beekman.
  • Clothing. You don’t need to bring all of your winter-wear at once. New York stays pretty warm until October, so pack a hoodie and a light jacket, but save the winter coats for later in the semester. You won’t need them right away and they’ll take up valuable space. Most of our students do a big wardrobe switch during November break, so plan to bring home your light clothing and return ready for the cooler months. Don’t forget your shower shoes!
  • Personal items and toiletries. That’s your body wash, shampoo, shower poufs, razors, cosmetics, toothpaste, face masques, menstrual items, chargers, medication (prescription and OTC), band aids, sunscreen, condoms, emergency cash, tweezers, whatever. Shower caddies are the way to go for keeping all of your bath stuff organized.
  • Decorative items. Half the fun of having your new space is decorating it to your personal tastes. We love this! We encourage it. We want you to do it in a way that doesn’t damage our walls or result in a fine at the end of the academic year. That said, be thoughtful about how you are mounting posters, etc. Be careful with the paint in the rooms and make sure you don’t damage anything.
  • Functional things. Plan to bring surge protectors (limit 2 per student), ethernet cables (if the wifi is slow, you’ll thank us), hangers for clothes, laundry bags, and headphones. Another item to consider is a foldable rolling cart to help make carrying groceries or larger items easier.

Coordinate with Your Roommates:

  • Televisions: We don't supply standard cable, but if you want to hook up a Fire Stick or Roku to a big screen, you'll need to provide one.
  • Cleaning supplies. You are responsible for keeping your space clean. Your suite/room is yours and Pace’s janitorial team does not clean it. Talk to your roommates about who is bringing what to keep it clean—think paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, garbage bags, Swiffer cloths, a lightweight vacuum, all-purpose cleaning fluid, glass cleaner, soap scum sprays. Find what works for you, discuss if you prefer organic versus traditional cleaning supplies and consider assigning tasks to keep your space tidy.
  • Lighting. Consider bringing a desk lamp for busy work and one or more for ambient lighting. Remember: no halogen bulbs!
  • Food and cooking utensils. We’re talking coffeemakers (with an automatic shut-off), food storage containers, pots and pans, microwave safe plates/bowls, disposable or reusable plates/bowls/cutlery/cups.
  • Shovel/snowbrush. This is really for our residents in Westchester bringing a car to campus…while Pace’s Facilities Team handles much of the snow removal on campus (plowing the lots and roads; shoveling and salting the sidewalks and stairs), there may come a time when you just NEED to get to your car. Having a snow shovel may come in handy if you are plowed in (we try our best not to do that, but this is the Northeast). Having a snowbrush will also get your car cleaned off and road ready, so be prepared.

Don’t Bring:

  • Things that will catch fire. That means hot plates, air fryers, toasters, grills, space heaters, kerosene lamps, candles, or toaster ovens. We want all of our residents to be safe and that means making sure we don’t have potentially dangerous items in residence.
  • Things that will disrupt other residents. No stereo speakers or other amplification devices.
  • Furniture. Pace provides all of the furniture you’ll need while living in residence. This furniture includes bedframes and mattresses, desk space, chairs, and storage drawers and/or wardrobe. Some rooms have full closets.
  • Bed risers. We know they are tempting to bring to get a little extra under-bed storage, but they can be dangerous when improperly used. The good news is, our beds are adjustable. Fill out a Facilities Request Form (see the resources section below on this page) and someone from our maintenance staff will stop by to raise the bed.
  • Micro-fridge: Pace provides a free-standing microwave/mini-fridge unit for suites in all of our residence halls, on all of our campuses. The only exception to this is the Townhouses on our Westchester Campus, which are reserved for upper-level students.

For the full list of items to bring or not bring, please review this packing guide.

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On-Campus Mailing Addresses

Students can receive mail and packages on campus at one of our many mailrooms. And just as an FYI, our mailrooms will accept deliveries for students prior to their arrival on campus. Here’s how to address things so you can be sure you’ll get what you need:

New York City Campus

  • 15 Beekman:
    15 Beekman, Rm. XXXX
    New York, NY 10038
  • 182 Broadway:
    182 Broadway, Rm. XXXX
    New York, NY 10038
  • 55 John Street:
    55 John Street, Rm. XXXX
    New York, NY 10038
  • 33 Beekman:
    33 Beekman, Rm. XXXX
    New York, NY 10038

Westchester Campus

Pace University
861 Bedford Road
C/O Residence Hall Name (e.g., Alumni Hall, Elm Hall, North Hall), Rm. XXXX
Pleasantville, NY 10570

Location of Student Mailrooms

New York City Campus:

  • 33 Beekman, Ground Floor, (646) 218-5296
  • 15 Beekman, 24th Floor, TBD
  • 182 Broadway, 4th Floor, (646) 218-5413
  • 55 John Street, Ground Floor, (646) 218-5296

Westchester Campus:

  • Elm Hall, Ground Floor, (914) 773-3865

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FAQ For Living in Residence

We know you have a lot of questions, and we want to do our best to get you the info you need. Check out our abridged list of the most asked questions related to living on campus. If you still need more info, check out the full list of FAQ here.

How will housing communicate with me through the summer before I start classes?

Housing communicates to students through their email throughout the summer. We email students at BOTH the personal email address they provided to admissions (through the admissions process) and their Pace University email (which they receive once they are admitted to the University). When completing the housing application, students may (but are not required to) provide an email address for a Parent or Guardian if they would like them copied on the Housing-related emails that we will send during the summer. The identified email will only be sent copies of the standard on-boarding emails sent by the Housing Operations Office, including any reminders we may send, and they will only receive these emails through September 1. After that date, we will no longer copy this alternate address on emails we send the student.

Additionally, a range of important housing information will be available to students through the MyHousing Portal. There, students will find an Arrival Checklist that will help them keep track of the things they need to do prior to move in. This checklist will identify what items are completed, and which have yet to become available for completion.

Where can I get info about the residence halls on Pace’s campuses?

Take a peek at what we offer by visiting the Residence Hall section of our Housing website.

When will I know where I will be placed for housing?

Housing issues final assignments (by email) in early August. The final placement email will include your final building assignment, room type, and room cost. At that time students will be able to see the name(s) of your roommates(s) by logging in to MyHousing.

I’ve been assigned to 15 Beekman in NYC. Can I see pictures or floorplans of my space?

Yes and no. As of this moment, the builders are still putting the finishing touches on 15 Beekman, and we have not brought photographers into the space yet. You can see an early video preview of one of our suites here. Each floor, each room, is a little different and floor plans can vary. As with any college or university housing space, a lot of furniture placement is trial and error. The most common questions we've received about 15 Beekman relate to the dimensions of the bed and the dresser.

  • The bed is 80" wide x 36" deep x 36" high. The bed is adjustable. If you need more clearance under the bed, you can put in a Facilities Request ticket and someone from maintenance will help you raise the bed.
  • The two-drawer stackable dresser is 24" wide x 24" deep x 20" high.
  • The in-suite showers require a shower curtain; it will be provided by Housing.
  • There are no closets in the common space; furniture is provided for personal storage.
pace staff and students on move-in day

I’ve been placed in a temporary quad room. How long will I be assigned to a temporary or extended occupancy quad?

We cannot say for certain how long students will remain in these kinds of rooms. Our experience demonstrates that we are likely to have many vacancies occur in our first-year student housing within the first several weeks after move-in day. As soon as we confirm a student has cancelled, we begin the process of moving students out of these extended occupancy rooms. And, if you happen to LIKE where you’re living after you move in, you are not required to move out.

Instead of moving in to a temporary or extended occupancy quad, can I just commute from home and see if anything else opens?

This is possible, but we strongly advise students to move in and remain on campus while waiting to be de-quadded. If a temporary or extended occupancy room does not have all residents present (4 in a temp quad), then it will not be prioritized for de-quadding. If you do decide to wait it out at home, you must contact the Housing Operations Staff to make sure that the housing office is aware of your plans, and that your guaranteed space is not offered to another student.

Can I change my room assignment?

Our experience shows that even if a student is unhappy with their original housing assignment, after taking time to adjust to their environment and meet their roommate, floor mates and resident assistant (RA) the vast majority of students no longer wish to move.

I want a single–how do I get one?

There are very few single rooms in Pace housing. Most are selected by upper-level students during the room selection process (the process where our current residents choose their rooms for the following year). First year students and transfers are generally not eligible for single rooms. Students who require a single room due to medical need must complete the medical accommodations application process with Student Accessibility Services to have their accommodation need assessed.

Am I guaranteed to be placed with the person or people I list as preferred roommate(s)?

No, but we will work very hard to place you together. We only grant reciprocal requests, meaning you can only be placed with another person if that person is also guaranteed housing and that person also selected you. For this reason, it is important to communicate with the people with whom you wish to live and ensure that they list you, too.

What do I do if I am interested in All Gender housing?

In keeping with the mission of Pace University to promote and support diversity, the Office of Residential Life offers All Gender Housing options to students who demonstrate an interest in and need for such accommodation. This process seeks to provide a living environment welcoming to all gender identities; one not limited by the traditional gender binary.

When do I move in? Will people be available to assist me?

New students, including First Year, Transfer and Graduate students entering Pace for the first time this semester, are asked to select a move-in appointment on the Primary Move-In Days for their campus. These are:

  • New York City Campus: Friday, September 1 and Saturday, September 2, 2023
  • Westchester Campus: Saturday, September 2, 2023

New undergraduate students who participate in a Virtual Orientation over the summer and will therefore attend in-person Orientation workshops on Friday, September 1 are asked to select a move-in appointment for Thursday, August 31, 2023.

New students who must arrive early should email for assistance. Wednesday, August 30, 2023, is the earliest we can accommodate arrivals for the fall semester.

During the move-in period, teams of Pace staff will be on-hand to help move your belongings to your room. We’ll have big rolling bins to help make the process smooth and efficient.

Is there a curfew in housing, or are there "bed checks"?

No. We do not check on residents each night to ensure that they are in their room, and there is no curfew. College is an adult environment, in which students are expected to manage their own coming and going. While the floor RA and the rest of the housing staff is available to provide assistance and guidance, we do not enforce any kind of curfew, nor do we conduct "bed checks."

I’ve already moved in and there’s an issue with my space. How do I contact maintenance?

Need your bed raised to make space for your giant storage container? Have a leak in your residence hall? Too hot or too cold in your classroom? Facilities is here to help. Make sure you’re connected to Pace’s network to access the Facilities Request Form, otherwise you’ll receive a 404 error.

Do I have to move all of my belongings when I leave for winter break?

No, you may leave your belongings in your room if you are coming back for spring semester! We do advise that you take home any items of value.

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Important Resources for Residential Students

  • MyHousing Portal: MyHousing allows you to take care of all your room arrangements—application, deposit, room assignment, roommate selection, and more—all online. Take control of your living arrangements and do it when it works for you. Log into the MyHousing Portal using your Pace credentials.
  • Facilities Request Form: Report physical issues in your room or suite to Facilities. Make sure you’re connected to Pace’s network to access the Facilities Request Form, otherwise you’ll receive a 404 error.
  • Housing Process for New Students: This webpage is the ultimate guide to residential living as a new student at Pace. It lays out what happens when, deadlines, forms, and so much more.
  • Guide to Residential Living 2023–2024 (PDF): This is a comprehensive list of all-things Housing and Residential life.

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Contacting Residential Life and Housing Operations

University Housing Operations and the Offices of Residential Life are separate staffs that work closely together to meet the needs of resident students.

  • The Housing Operations team is a single staff that covers both the NYC and Westchester campuses. They primarily focus on student room assignments, including the room selection process for returning students, and the on-boarding and assignments process for new students. Housing Operations also works as a liaison to the campus facilities staff and oversees summer usage of the residence halls.
  • There is a Residential Life staff on both the NYC and Westchester campuses. They oversee the residential experience, from move-in through the end of the year. They oversee the Resident Assistant Staff, a team of peer leaders who live in the halls.

There is a one phone number and email address to contact staff members from these offices. When contacting us, please be ready to clarify which campus you are calling for (and which building, if you are currently a resident student).

Phone: (914) 773-3676

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