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Application Dashboard

For students who are newly accepted to Pace, applying for housing starts with a visit to the Application Dashboard. Log-in using your Application Dashboard credentials to submit your housing deposit. After doing so, the housing operations staff will be in touch by email with directions for how to complete the online housing application. Please note that the deadline by which to submit a deposit in order to be guaranteed fall housing is May 1 (by midnight this day, Eastern Standard Time).

If you have difficulty accessing the Application Dashboard, please contact the Admissions Office at (212) 346-1323 or by email at

On or around March 15, the University Housing Operations Team will begin reaching out to students who have submitted a deposit. Housing Operations will email students with directions for completing the online housing application through MyHousing (a separate portal used by students in university housing). Students applying well before March 15 who do not receive the application instructions email from Housing Operations by the end of March should email us at After March 30, students who do not receive the email within 5 business days of submitting their deposit, or who have difficulty accessing the online housing application, are asked to please email University Housing Operations.

Housing Options

New York City

All four of our residence halls in NYC accommodate first year students, as well as transfer, graduate and returning students, although the proportions of each vary by building. Newly applying students will be able to indicate building preferences in their application, and we will do our best to make assignments based on those preferences. Newly applying students will be assigned to a room based on their housing deposit date, their building preferences, and any roommate matches they have made (requesting specific roommates is optional).

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Incoming first-year students in Pleasantville are housed in Alumni Hall. Each first-year student will be assigned to a room in an area based on their First Year Interest Group preference, housing deposit date and any roommate matches they have made (requesting specific roommates is optional). Graduate students applying for housing are primarily assigned to North Hall and the Townhouses, while most transfer students are assigned to in North Hall.

First Year Interest Groups are how we place first-year residents together in the residence halls on the Westchester Campus. Each community is built around a common interest, some of which are academically based. Our staff in communities program around this common interest. There is a full-time faculty or staff member connected to these First Year Interest Groups.

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Roommate Searching and Matching

There will be an opportunity for students who are newly applying for Fall Housing to search for and link with one or more roommates. The roommate searching and matching process will open on May 1 and will close on July 1. The May housing email will include full instructions for how to search for and match with one or more roommates.

Roommate selection is OPTIONAL and is not required for placement. Roommate requests must be made and confirmed in order to be guaranteed.

Within the roommate selection process, students may search for roommates on an number of criteria, may reach out to one another by email, and may request and/or agree to requests to be roommates. In keeping with our All Gender approach to housing, the roommate matching process will allow students to search for roommates based on binary gender identity (or not), and by their interest in All Gender Housing (or not). Students may match with anyone they wish, regardless of binary gender identity.

Students who do not select and confirm one or more roommates will be assigned roommates by Housing Operations. Students who do not select and confirm with one or more roommates AND who do not indicate a desire for All Gender Housing will be assigned roommates based on binary gender. Students who do not match with one or more roommates AND who DO SELECT All Gender Housing will be assigned to roommates who have also requested All Gender Housing.

While students may select roommates to create groups of 2, 3 or more students, it is important to remember that the size of your group does not determine the size of your room (e.g. 2 students who chose to be roommates may still be placed with a third student in a triple).

We strongly encourage students to consider searching for and linking with roommates in this way. This search process will allow students to filter potential roommates by many more criteria than the Housing Operations staff can use if when making assignments later. Roommate matches made by Housing are based on more limited criteria, and a 100% match cannot be guaranteed.

All Gender Housing

In keeping with the mission of Pace University to promote and support inclusion, the Offices of Residential Life and University Housing Operations offer All Gender Housing options to students who desire housing placement that is based on a more inclusive definition of gender and gender identity. Students seeking All Gender Housing may SELECT IN to this option when completing their housing application. Students who do not specifically choose All Gender Housing will be assigned housing based on their binary gender.

What If I Need Specific Housing Accommodations?

Student Accessibility Services must approve all Housing Accommodations. Please visit Student Accessibility Services to learn about the process, deadlines, and other information.

When Are Housing Assignments Released?

For most students admitted for fall, housing assignments will be finalized and emailed to students by the first week of August. They will be sent to Spring admits approximately 2 weeks prior to the date that the residence halls reopen for the spring term. Assignment emails will include room assignment, First Year Interest Group (Pleasantville only), and roommate(s)/suitemate(s) name(s) and contact information.

Special Details for Honors Students

All honors students will be assigned to an Honors floor. In Pleasantville this will be in the Honors FIG in Alumni Hall. In NYC this will be one of the 3 Honors floors in 15 Beekman, or one of the 3 Honors floors in 182 Broadway.

As noted above, Honors students will be able to make roommate connections only with other students in the Honors Program.

Honors students will also be invited to participate in an online Room Selection process in the first week of July. Through this process Honors students who have met the housing and deposit deadlines will have the ability to select their own room or suite. Students who do not choose a room through this process will be placed manually by the Housing Operations staff. Please look for more details about that process to be sent in mid-June.

Special Room Selection Process for Students who Deposit for Housing by March 15

Students who submit both their admission deposit and their housing deposit by March 15, 2023 (by midnight EST) will be eligible to select their own room, ahead of when room assignments are generally made and released to students. This means that they will have first choice of all room types available to first year students on their campus. Please note the following details and requirements:

  • In order to participate in this process, students must meet the March 15 deposit deadline, and must also complete their housing application by May 15 (instructions for completing the housing application will be in the first email sent by Housing Operations, shortly after depositing for housing).
  • Eligible students will receive an invitation to this process, by email, between May 15 and June 1. This email invitation will include specific directions for how and when to select the room. Students who are eligible but who do not receive this email by May 19, must contact us at
  • The room selection process is an online process that will take place over the evenings of June 6, 7 and 8.
  • Students will have the opportunity to search for and link with other students to form groups or roommates and/or suitemates, but in order to participate in the room selection process, ALL students in a group must meet the eligibility requirements. Groups that include students who did not deposit by March 15, or who have not completed the housing application by May 15, will not be able to participate in the room selection process. Please look for full details about the roommate search and matching process in the Housing email that will go out to all students in the first week of May.
  • Pace University Housing Operations reserves the right to reassign students within a building, to similar room types. Students will retain their roommates, except in cases that one or more roommates cancel their housing application.
  • Please note that this room selection process will not be available to Honors students who apply by March 15, as they will be included in the Honors Room Selection process in July.

What Happens Next?

Through the housing application and on-boarding process, students will be directed to log into MyHousing for all of their housing on-boarding needs. Here, students will complete not only their Application, but also their Housing Agreement and an additional required Pre-Arrival Form. Each of these steps must be taken before students will be permitted to move into the residence halls, although the timing of these steps varies based on the semester for which the student is applying.

Starting on May 1, each fall housing applicant's MyHousing home page will feature an Arrival Checklist that will keep track of all steps students need take to be ready for Fall move in. If you have met all requirements for being guaranteed fall housing and your MyHousing homepage does not show an Arrival Checklist, please contact Housing Operations at Note that waitlisted students will not see an Arrival Checklist, but will instead see a confirmation of their waitlist status, as well as any related updates.

As we approach the start of the semester, MyHousing will provide updates regarding account issues that may delay one's ability to select a move in time. We advise that students regularly check (once every week or two) MyHousing between May 1 and September 1 to monitor their Checklist and stay aware of any other updates posted there.

Fall admits

  • Through May, students who submit a housing deposit will be sent directions for completing the online Housing Application, along with an outline of the housing communications we will send, along with an outline of the additional steps resident students must take, throughout the summer.
  • In May, students will also receive information about how to search for and request to be roommates with other students using MyHousing
  • In late May and early June, early depositing students (those who deposited for housing by March 15), and Honors students, will receive information about room selection and placement. Other students will receive their room assignment information later in the summer.
  • In June, students who have completed their Housing Application will receive directions for logging in to MyHousing to complete the Housing Agreement.
  • In late July, students who have completed the Housing Application will receive their housing assignment. After room assignments are sent out, we suggest that students communicate with their roommate(s)/suitemate(s) to talk about living expectations and what you are planning on bringing for the room/suite to share. In July, students will also receive directions for logging in to MyHousing to complete the Pre-Arrival Form, as long as they have completed their Housing Agreement .
  • In early August, students who have been issued a housing assignment, and who have completed both the Housing Agreement and Pre-Arrival Form, will receive directions for logging in to MyHousing to select a move-in appointment. Also in August, if there are any outstanding account issues or other concerns that need to be completed before moving in, we will email the student.

Spring Admits

For Spring 2022 admits, the assignment email will contain directions for completing the Housing Agreement and Pre-Arrival Form, as well as all move in information.

Depositing for Fall Housing after May 1 (and for Spring Housing after December 1) and the Housing Waitlist

Students who deposit for fall housing after May 1 (or after December 1 for spring applicants) are subject to being waitlisted. Students submitting the deposit after May 1 will still receive an email directing them to complete the application. That email will confirm whether they are waitlisted or guaranteed housing. If the latter, it will also include more information about the waitlist, and resources recommended for waitlisted students. Students on the waitlist are not guaranteed housing, and should not make plans to arrive on campus until they are formally notified they have been moved to guaranteed housing, or they have made alternate arrangements.

Wait-listing is more common for NYC Applicants, who in most cases will be waitlisted if depositing after May 1. Pleasantville are usually still guaranteed housing if depositing through June, although this is subject to change based on demand.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions that we did not answer on this page, please email University Housing Operations at