Tips for Your Summer Internships (and how to get the next one!)

Johnni Medina
May 3, 2022
Pace students at a Career Services workshop

It’s internship season. Check out these Career Services tips for finding opportunities, making the most of them, and setting yourself up for next year. And if you’re a recent grad, we’ve got some helpful hints for you, too!

1. Set clear goals and get feedback

Internships and work opportunities are more than talking points at your next interview. They are opportunities to learn on-the-job skills, gain professional development, and actively improve. Before you begin, consider exactly what skills—professional, social, and interpersonal—that you’d like to develop.

Once you’ve pinpointed what you’d like to learn, don’t be shy. Be candid with your supervisors and colleagues what you hope to learn from them and ask for feedback. Not only will you get more from your time and open up learning pathways that might not have been available before, but you’ll also develop stronger working relationships.

2. Network, Network, Network

Who you know is always an important aspect of the professional world. Keeping your LinkedIn up-to-date helps potential employers get to know you and can potentially serve as a point of contact for those in your industry you have not met in person. Though online connections are important, the longer lasting ones will be the connections you make in the field, with colleagues and fellow interns. And finally, lean on your Pace Community. Pace faculty and alumni mentors are connected to experts worldwide and maintaining those ties may lead to new ones. If you’re a recent alumnus, dive into the Pace Alumni Association, where fellow alumni can lift you up and get you connected.

3. Invest in Yourself

In a world where much of the workspace is engaging virtually, the usual concept of ‘office space’ has radically changed. With our work now taking up time and space in our homes, it’s more important than ever to cultivate spaces that work for us. Take the time to assess your working needs and find a way to carve out space so that you can not only focus while working from home but can also unplug once the day is done.

And for those working in-person, the age-old adage ‘dress for the job you want’ continues to ring true. Stock your closet with clothes that will help you make the best impression.

And if you’re spending money, save those receipts—when tax season returns, every write-off counts.

4. Join Handshake and Utilize Career Services Resources

Career Services is dedicated to offering career prep workshops, career fairs, employer spotlights, and other services to empower you to jump into the working world. Attend the Virtual Career Fair for Recent Graduates, attend a Career Counselor Q&A, or practice your interview skills and fine tune your cover letter. These events are designed to help you plan your next step, hone your skills, and stand out from the crowd. Check out all of the upcoming events on Handshake and the career services event calendar. And don’t forget, recent grads, Career Services is here to help you, too!

5. Volunteer

If you’re still making summer plans, or hoping to fill up your free time, there are always opportunities to volunteer. The Center for Community Action and Research lists several options for community engagement, political participation, and other employment and leadership opportunities. Not only is serving your community important, but volunteering offers you the chance to pick up new skills, network, and discover new passions.

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