John Cronin and the Blue CoLab students outside near Choat Pond
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Pace Magazine Winter 2024

Winter 2024 Issue

Exploring the many ways Pace Setters are learning beyond the classroom. A cutting-edge new epilepsy lab, led by highly accomplished faculty with a personal mission. A window into a truly historic space at Pace. It's all here and much more in the Winter 2024 edition of Pace Magazine.

Leadership Letter

Embracing Innovation

At Pace University, we are embracing innovation and adapting to the evolving needs of our community. As we navigate through this dynamic era, our commitment to providing immersive and challenging learning experiences remains steadfast.

marvin krislov and rob sands in front of one pace plaza
commercial dance students in a dance studio listening their instructor

Learning Beyond Limits

Experiential learning isn't just a trend in higher education; it's the heartbeat of the Pace experience. From donning hip-waders to assess water quality, documenting first-hand narratives of a groundbreaking era in human history, immersing in a transformative semester in LA, to initiating and overseeing on-campus businesses from inception—Pace students don't just learn, they do.

10 Things to Inspire You

students sitting near the solar tree on the Pleasantville Campus.

As a Better Climate Challenge partner, Pace implemented a coordinated energy management strategy, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 25 percent!

a group of Pace student veterans posing for the camera

In the latest rankings of Best for Vets: Colleges by Military Times, Pace secured the third spot among 29 state-wide institutions, ranking ninth among private colleges nationwide and 66th overall.

the center staircase in 15 Beekman decorated for the ribbon-cutting

With a lobby full of excited students, faculty, staff, and community members, Pace University cut the ribbon to celebrate the official opening of its brand-new building at 15 Beekman.

Full view of the Pace Study

Inside the Pace Study

Located on the 16th floor of 41 Park Row on Pace's NYC Campus hides the Pace Study, which served as the office of Robert S. Pace, the second president of the University and son of co-founder Homer S. Pace. Take a step back in time and explore this living piece of Pace history.

Research at Pace

Through Show and Spell, a captivating game designed to enhance social and emotional learning in children, Stan Royzman, PsyD, is helping children in a way that is simultaneously engaging and seeks to bolster positive therapeutic outcomes.

Through a grant from the New York State Department of education, School of Education Professor Jennifer Pankowski is helping students with disabilities to thrive at Pace and beyond.

Pace People: Ka'ramuu Kush

Ka’ramuu Kush is busy. In addition to an active career as an actor, writer, and director, he joined the Sands College of Performing Arts Faculty in Fall 2022, and has hit the ground running.

Ka'ramuu Kush teaching a class.
Pace People

Katina Hill-Thompson ’00: Making History in Service of Others

From Pace University to a historic PhD, alumna Katina Hill-Thompson ’00 has never wavered from her dedication to others. Read her story, where her call to make a difference has led her on a journey defined by barrier-breaking achievements, dedicated social work, and a fierce determination to transform lives.

Katina Hill Thompson wearing a white dress and posing for the camera.
A scientist stands in front of some brain scans

When Research Gets Personal

When his wife Kimmi Stephens suddenly had a seizure, Tim Myers, a scientist studying epilepsy, felt his field of study abruptly collide with reality. This shocking moment sent the couple on a winding journey of recovery, resilience, and research, and ultimately to the creation of a new lab on the Pleasantville Campus.

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