Winter 2024 Feature Stories

Experiential learning isn't just a trend in higher education; it's the heartbeat of the Pace experience. From donning hip-waders to assess water quality, documenting first-hand narratives of a groundbreaking era in human history, immersing in a transformative semester in LA, to initiating and overseeing on-campus businesses from inception—Pace students don't just learn, they do.

When his wife Kimmi Stephens suddenly had a seizure, Tim Myers, a scientist studying epilepsy, felt his field of study abruptly collide with reality. This shocking moment sent the couple on a winding journey of recovery, resilience, and research, and ultimately to the creation of a new lab on the Pleasantville Campus.

Nestled in a corner of the 16th floor of the iconic 41 Park Row, a building steeped in history, the Pace Study is a hidden gem. Within its walls, the Study served as the workspace for Robert S. Pace, the second president of Pace University and son of co-founder Homer Pace. Nowadays, it's a haven for small, but significant University meetings.