Digital Journalism, BS

  • Westchester

Journalism For Today’s Market

Now more than ever, we access breaking news as it happens—on news websites, blogs, and social media, via our computers and our smart phones. Pace’s BS in Digital Journalism reflects the rapid change in this industry and prepares you for a robust and ever-evolving job market, with courses in digital newsroom, global newsroom, digital storytelling, audio and video production, and the fundamental skills for journalism.

Become a Savvy Journalist

Hands-on Learning: In our Communications Center, where you will take most of your classes, you will work with professional digital equipment such as HDV cameras, AVID and Final Cut Studio editing systems, and view films in the screening room, featuring digital video projection and a 92” screen.

In required internships, you will earn academic credit and gain valuable professional skills as well as build a network of industry contacts for a lifetime.

Our class sizes are small, averaging 18 students per class.

Take Courses Like…

You can choose from a variety of courses covering topics in journalism, mass media, storytelling, ethical practices, and propaganda, for a well-rounded knowledge base.

Prepare to be a 21st century journalist. Journalism in today’s world encompasses many new and evolving news-gathering and distribution techniques, this leading-edge program will enable you to be on the forefront of what’s coming next. The program provides special emphasis on news-gathering today, the ways news cycles change, and the importance of social media and journalism, all from a global perspective.

Add Opportunities and Experiences

Students can join the student-run newspaper, The Pace Chronicle and cover events and issues of interest to the University community. Getting involved in the Pace Chronicle is a great way for students to apply what they learn in MCVA courses—students are involved in every aspect of the publication, including story idea generation, reporting, creating multimedia content, editing, budgeting, and community outreach. Stories are published throughout the week on as well as on social media and via the College News Source mobile app.

You may be eligible to join the Mu Iota Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta (LPH), a student organization of the National Communication Association. The Media, Communications, and Visual Arts department (MCVA) hosts an annual networking event, Connections in Communications, to bring together professionals in the field with current undergraduate majors, a great way for you to make contacts in the communications industry.

Choose Your Career

Whether you want to break into the news industry, produce podcasts, become a magazine editor, or work as a digital copywriter, Pace will provide you with the real-world, practical skills you need to achieve a successful career in the journalism industry.

Where Graduates are Employed

Recent graduates have been employed at:

  • News12
  • Hearst Media Group
  • PR Week
  • NBA
  • Fox News
  • Westchester Magazine