Student working on her computer.

Pre-Orientation Modules

Where do students go to access the Pre-Orientation modules?
Students were sent an email with details about the Pre-Orientation modules. They can access Pre-Orientation modules by logging in with their Pace email and password.

Where do I find the Pre-Orientation modules for parents and family members?
These modules provide a great overview of services and information – Visit the Parent Lingo website.


When are classes starting?
Classes are scheduled to begin on September 4, 2024.

When will students receive their class schedule?
New students receive their schedule while meeting with academic advisors at their In-Person and Live Orientation session.

Are students able to connect with their advisor prior to the start of classes?
Students will meet with academic advisors at their In-Person and Live Orientation session and they can reach out to them at any time.

How do students get a Peer Leader?
Peer Leaders are assigned to UNV101 courses and will meet students at their first scheduled UNV101 class.

How does a student change their major?
Students can change their major by logging into their application dashboard and submitting a change of major form.

How do students find out what books are required for classes?
Go to our bookstore page and click on your campus bookstore link. Once on the bookstore web page, click on the “Textbooks” tab at the top on the left side of the page, and insert the course information.


Is there a cost to on-campus counseling and it is available on an on-going basis?
Our counseling services are free of charge. We provide services that are clinically indicated and feasible. We have a large number of students requesting services so we cannot provide unlimited individual counseling but we provide group, psychiatric care (in tandem with either individual or group), crisis, and outreach services as well. Find out more about Pace's counseling services.


What is FERPA and how does a student give someone permission to their records?
You can read all about our FERPA policies and procedures.


What are all of the individual fees on the tuition bill?
Please refer to the Office of Student Accounts billing webpage for more details.

When is the tuition payment due?
The tuition payment is August 1, 2024.

What is the best way to get financial aid questions answered, particularly those that are time sensitive?
Contact our Call Center (Mon-Fri. 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.) 1 (877) 672-1830; Option #1 (toll-free), or (212) 346-1930 (toll)

If a student defers enrollment for a year do they keep their academic and athletic scholarships both academic and athletic?
If the student informs Admissions of his/her plan to defer enrollment and does not attend another college during the “gap” year, merit awards may be retained. Athletic awards may not be held from year to year. Students must consult with coaches directly.

When should we see the fall semester bill?
Account information can be seen online via the Payment Portal. View an up-to-date account statement.

Will the date be extended for deferrals for the fall semester?
The current payment due date for Fall 2024 is August 1, 2024. For individual questions regarding deferral, please contact Undergraduate Admission at

Who shall we address if we feel there is a discrepancy in the billing amount?
Billing Discrepancies should be emailed to

Does tuition include books or is that separate?
Tuition does not include the cost of books.

Can I have my student's 529 plan send payment for her bill directly to the school?
Learn more about the 529 plan or reach out to financial aid with any questions at

Are there ATM's on campus?
Yes, there is an ATM on each campus.

Free Class For Parents

Where do parents register for the free course each semester? Is it available online?
Parents of full-time matriculated undergraduate students are eligible to take one free course each fall and spring semester on a space-available basis. An application for the free course may be obtained from the office of Student Accounts or Registrar departments of the Office of Student Accounts. Read more about the free classes for parents.

Health Care And Health Insurance

What Health Care services are available on campus? Are vaccines available?
To learn more about the Health Care services and vaccinations, please read our University Health Care page.

Are all students able to be seen at University Health Care on campus?
All Pace University students are able to be seen by UHC. The University Health Service Fee, in conjunction with your health insurance, will cover UHC visits for sickness and accidents. UHC is able to bill your insurance directly. Diagnostic tests and procedures may incur additional charges. Find out more on our University Health Care page.

What immunizations are required and how should those be submitted?
Find more information about required vaccinations on our Immunization page.

Are you able to pay for Pace’s health insurance monthly?
The health insurance cannot be paid separately by month. However, you are able to sign up for a payment plan for your overall Pace University bill.

How do you waive Pace’s Health Insurance?
If you choose to waive Pace’s health insurance, you must do so by August 14, 2024. Find more information about waiving the health insurance.

Where can a student register for the student health portal?
Register at the Student Health Portal site.


Communications regarding housing have been sent out to students over the past few weeks and more information is forthcoming. The answers to many questions you may have are contained in these communications, which can be viewed on our Return to Campus pages.

Is there a curfew for students living in the residence halls?
Pace University does not have a curfew for students living in the residence halls.

How much does laundry cost in the residence halls?
There is no fee for laundry in our residence halls on the Westchester Campus.

Can we send students care packages and/or items for their residence hall rooms? Can items be sent in advance of move-in? How? Have students been assigned a mailing address?
Students can receive mail and other deliveries. For Pleasantville residence halls, the mailing address is as follows: Student Name; Pace University; 861 Bedford Road; c/o Elm Hall; Pleasantville, NY 10570. View the New York City Residence hall mailing addresses. We strongly advise that, if you are having things sent, you plan for them to arrive after the student has moved in.

Will students have to take all of their belongings with them when the semester ends?
No. Students who live on campus for the fall and plan to return for the spring, may leave their things in their room, but we do require that they move things from the windows and off the floor, and we advise that they take valuable items home.

When will winter housing information be made available?
Winter housing applications will be available in November. All students living on campus for the fall will be eligible to apply for winter break housing, which requires a separate application and additional payment.

Can students bring microwaves and refrigerators?
On the New York City campus, microwave/refrigerator combinations are included in 182 Broadway, 33 Beekman and 55 John. In Maria's Tower (New York City) and On the Pleasantville campus, students can bring their own mini refrigerator, however, stand alone microwaves are prohibited. Students can buy or rent a micro-fridge which is a microwave and refrigerator combined. They are allowed one fridge per room and should discuss this with their roommates.

What is the process to rent the mico-fridge for residents of Maria's Tower and on the Pleasantville campus?
You can order a micro fridge that will be delivered to your student’s residence hall room upon arrival.

Do the residence hall rooms get cleaned by the cleaning staff?
Common areas are cleaned by the facilities staff on a regular basis. This includes shared bathrooms in Maria's Tower (New York City), Martin (Pleasantville) and North (Pleasantville). Students in all other residence halls are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms.

Do the residence hall rooms have air conditioning?
Yes, each room has A/C.

What are the size of residence hall rooms and what fits in each room?
There is specific information about each residence hall on our Westchester residence halls and New York City residence halls on our Campus Living pages.

International Students

How are international students supported on campus?
The International Students and Scholars Office is here to support all international students at Pace.


Does Pace provide students with a laptop?
Pace does not provide students with laptops but we do have computer centers available on campus for all students. We do have a list of helpful discounts.

Jobs And Career Services

Where can a student find out about jobs on campus?
Students can go to the Careers site to search for on-campus jobs.

Where can I find out more information about Work Study?
Work study is offered via the financial aid package. We do offer on-campus student positions that do not require work study as well. Additionally, you can email financial aid and inquire if you could be considered for Work Study at Learn more about work study.

Where can a student find out about internships?
Students should visit the Career Services internship page. Career Services has relationships with 8,000+ regional and national organizations in numerous industries—including business, government, entertainment, healthcare, and technology.

Meal Plans And Dinning Services

What are the meal plan options?
Please read our Campus Dining page for information about the meal plans offered.

Will vegan and vegetarian options be available?
Yes, there are always vegan and vegetarian options available.

What happens if all of the funds on a meal plan are not used in a particular semester?
Any unspent meal plan funds will roll over from semester to semester as long as student is enrolled – with the exception of graduating students and transferring students. Graduating students need to spend all the funds by the end of the semester, or the funds will be forfeited. Read more at our Campus Dining webpage.

What is Pace Perk?
The Pace Perk is a student run business on the Pleasantville campus, advised out of the Lubin School of Business. This is a late night food option for students that also provides study space, entertainment and events. The entire operation is led by student managers, with advisement of a profession in Lubin. Much of their operations this fall will be conducted via an online ordering app with pick up options available. This student-run enterprise is also a great option for on-campus employment! Learn more about Pace Perk.


Where can someone sign up for Pace Alerts?
Sign up for the emergency Pace Alert system.

Does Pace provide escorts should a student be uncomfortable traveling alone?
The Safety & Security office provides an escort service between any two points on campus 24/7. Contact the Safety and Security office.

How do I find out more about the Pace Safe app?
Find out more about the Pace Safe app.

Is there a safety protocol in place for civil unrest and increased crime in New York City?
Pace University Safety & Security works diligently to provide a safe and secure environment for our students so that their pursuit of higher education can be their top priority. We work closely with the New York Police Department (NYPD) and other emergency services in New York City, and follow safety protocols outlined in our Safety & Security Business Continuity Plan in order to ensure our students and the entire Pace community remain safe.

Student Accessibility Services

How does a student go about seeking accommodations?
Read all about accommodations and Student Accessibility Services.

Student Checklist

Where does a student find the checklist of tasks they need to complete this summer?
Students can find their next steps checklist on their admitted student portal, where they logged on to see their Pace acceptance letter.

Student IDs

How will students receive their Pace ID cards and what are the requirements for uploading a picture?
Review all the details regarding your student ID photo, distribution plans and more.

Student Programming / Involvement

Will there be programs for students to attend this fall?
Yes! We will offer programs for students on campus through different groups, clubs, offices, and organizations throughout the year! We want to be sure students have opportunities to engage and get to know campus and one another.

How will students be celebrated upon moving in this fall?
We will be holding Convocation, an important ceremony to kick-off first year students’ Pace path.

How can students join student organizations or create new ones?
We will be hosting opportunities for students to meet student organization leaders and get connected with the groups that are of interest. Each campus also has a process for creating new students organizations, which is advertised to students once they are on campus.

Is there a mentorship program for first year students?
Yes, there are several! There are opportunities for students to be matched with alumni, peers and faculty and staff. These programs are marketed to students once on campus.

Will there be a Family Weekend this fall?
We are currently in the process of planning Family Weekend 2023 for the Westchester Campus. More info will be provided at Orientation this summer!

Is there a list of discounts and freebies for college students in New York City?
Here are some great resources for New York City college students.

Will there be an orientation or session to teach students about navigating New York City?
Some of the programs that we offer in the fall semester on the New York City campus help orient students to the neighborhood and city.

Study Abroad

Where can I find out more information about Study Abroad opportunities?
Please visit our study abroad webpage.

Transportation And Parking

Is there transportation available between campuses?
There is a free shuttle between campuses on a daily basis. Updated information about transportation can be found on this page.

On the Pleasantville campus, are first year students able to have a car on campus?
Find out information about Pleasantville campus parking.

Can students get a MetroCard through Pace?
Unfortunately New York City Transit does not offer discounts to college students. However, there are discounts for the NJ Transit.