Pace University Seidenberg School of CSIS dean Jonathan Hill speaking with faculty

Information For Faculty and Staff

Digital Badge Program at Pace University

The Badge Creation Process starts with an idea for a digital badge and ends with a published badge in Credly.

The published digital badge is available to issue to Badge Earners who can share their accomplishment with their online networks.

Continuing Education manages the overall Badging Processes and works with the various departments to create and issue badges:

  • Provides guidance on how to develop a Badge program
  • Explains and coordinates the Badging Creation, Approval, Issue, and Acceptance processes
  • Maintains a website about Pace’s Badging Program that includes a university-wide catalog of Badge Offerings
  • Works with Credly, Pace’s Digital Badge Partner, to publish and issue digital Badges

There are 3 different types of digital badges at Pace:

  • Credit Badges: All or part of the Criteria to earn a Credit Badge are Credit courses for Pace matriculated students. See Steps to create, approve, issue and accept Credit badges below.
  • Non-Credit Badges: Criteria to earn a Non-Credit Badge does not involve Credit Courses and can be earned by students and staff. See Steps to create, approve, issue and accept Non-Credit badges below.
  • Nactel Badges (The National Alliance for Communications Technology Education and Learning): Badges specifically related to Telecommunications study. View more information about Nactel Badges.

Please contact if you need assistance.