Pace advisor with a student.

Information for Faculty and Staff

Guidance for Developing a Badge Program

The Talent Development and Continuing Education Department works with departments that issue badges by:

  1. Providing guidance on how to develop badging programs
  2. Explaining requirements for badge approval
  3. Maintaining a website about Pace’s badging program that includes a University-wide catalog of badge offerings
  4. Helping design and create the digital badge that will be posted on Credly Acclaim

Please contact if you need assistance.

Badging Program Forms

Once you have an idea for a badge and have decided upon the badging program parameters, you will need to complete the following forms to create and approve your badge.

Metadata Badging Worksheet

 This form captures all the information that is needed to create your badge, including:

  • The badge name
  • A short description of the achievement the badge represents
  • A web link to contextual information might go to learn more details about the achievement
  • Skills, competencies or tools demonstrated by the badge earner
  • Activity required to earn the badge
  • Badge attributes
  • Third party standards related to the badge achievement
  • Recommendations for next steps

Badge Approval Forms:  Complete the Badge Approval Form that relates to the badge you are creating (non-credit or credit) and submit to the parties indicated on the form for approval.  Please use AdobeSign to distribute the forms for approval signatures.

Non-Credit Badge Approval Form

Credit Badge Approval Form

Submit completed form to  Final approval for all badges is given by the Provost’s Office.