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Residential Life and Housing, NYC

Roomate Matching

Between May 1 and July 25th, students who are entering Pace NYC housing for the fall can link themselves to other students for room placement.  This process will assist us in ensuring that you are placed with a roommate of your choice, but it is completely optional.  If you do not link with one or more other students, we will simply place you with roommates according to the other criteria you provided in your application (smoking status, bed time, organizational style, study habits, and building preference).

In May, we will send all students complete instructions regarding how to link to other students.  The linking process is contained within MyHousing, the section of the Pace Portal through which students submit their housing application.  Please note:

  • You may only link to other students if you are guaranteed housing AND they are also guaranteed housing.  Students on the waitlist, or students who have not yet applied, may not link.
  • While we do our best to meet all link requests, they cannot be guaranteed.  In cases in which we receive mixed information (e.g. two students request on another as roommates, but indicate different first-choice buildings), we reserve the right to decide which request will be accommodated (building or roommate).
  • Selecting just one additional roommate does not guarantee that you will be placed in a double (you may be placed in a triple with an additional roommate).  Selecting two additional roommates does not guarantee that you will be placed in a triple (you may be placed in a triple with two additional roommates).