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The Roommate Project is a resource that we have at Pace University OHRL for students to utilize if they would like to choose their roommates, theme floor preference, and building choice. It's quick and easy. The roommate project deadline was July 23rd and is now closed.

This service is only available to new incoming students entering in the fall semester, and it is only available for a limited time during the summer.  Please do not attempt to use The Roommate Project if you are entering in the spring or summer, or if you are a student who has lived on campus at Pace in a previous semester.

Visit the Roomate Project website, enter Pace University, and then enter your name. You will be sent an email with a registration link. Click on the link, complete your registration, and fill out the survey. That's all it takes! You can log on and update your choices as many times as you like, but the survey will close on August 1. After that date, we will not accept any more online housing preferences, and we will begin the room assignment process.