Residence halls on the Pleasantville campus

Resources and Services

This page includes a wide range of resources for resident students. Feel free to contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life with any additional questions.


Campus Dining

General Services


Laundry Services

Laundry Room Status (NYC)

Laundry Services (Westchester)

Each residence hall has laundry facilities to serve that community. Our laundry services are provided by Automatic Laundry. Through LaundryConnect, students can see when machines are available, put in service requests, learn more about how to do laundry, or view the stain guide.

Maintenance Request

Please note that you must be connected to the Pace Network to access the maintenance request forms below.

New York City


Along with our onsite Buildings and Grounds staff, we have an exterminator that comes to campus once a week to address issues and perform preventative treatments within the residence halls and across campus. If you have an issue that would need the Exterminator, pleas contact your RA or contact your RD as soon as possible.


Shipping/Storage Options Prior to Arrival, and Summer Storage

As our ability to manage and store large quantities of shipped items is limited, we ask that students unable to drive their belongings into the city, ship items to the university after they move in. Access to mail storage may be limited during weekends. If you require delivery of large items prior to your move or storage at any point throughout the year, you may want to consider EZ College Storage, (914) 861-5377, a company with which Pace has worked with for several years.