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Returning Student Housing Application Processes

The deadline for returning students to apply for and be guaranteed fall housing was April 15. At this time, new applicants will be applying on a "space-available" basis. The application will be reopened by May 1, and students may resume submitting applications at that time. Once the application reopens, as they are submitted, we will notify applicants if we are at that time able to guarantee housing, or if they will be waitlisted.

Fall Returning Student Housing Application and Housing Deposit

To be eligible to take part in the Room Selection process, you must complete the Housing Application in your MyHousing portal. The Fall Returning Student Housing Application will be available on February 26. In order to participate in the Room Selection process, you must complete the application by March 15, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

In the application, you will be able to make a $400 Housing Deposit via credit card or check. Please note that you must have a zero balance on your student account to be able to access the Fall Returning Student Room Reservation Application and to submit a housing deposit. When you pay your housing deposit, you will receive a housing deposit receipt that you should keep for your records.

If you would like to pay the deposit directly through Student Accounts, you will then have to email the payment receipt to We will then grant you access to the application without having to pay the deposit again. If you are requesting a deposit deferral request, please see additional details under "Late Assignment Process.”

Completing this application will allow students to then do the following:

  1. Search for and form roommate groups on their MyHousing portals. More information about this is located below.
  2. Complete the Housing Agreement, which allows students to select which room selection process they would like to be a part of, and submit their roommate matching and building preferences.

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Fall Housing Agreement

After filling out the Housing Application and before being given a Room Selection Appointment time, residents must fill out the Housing Agreement which will be available March 11 and is due on the following dates:

  • March 27 for Dedicated room selection
  • April 3 for Primary Room Selection

In the past, residents were asked questions regarding their building preferences and roommate matching preferences in the Housing Application. These questions have now been moved into the Housing Agreement. These questions will assist students in the room selection process, or will aid the Housing Operations team in providing assignments to students.

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Room Selection

Residents who complete the Fall Housing Application before March 15 will be able to participate in room selection. The following room selection processes will be available, and an overall timeline is included below:

*Please note that if you select but do not meet the requirements for an Early or Dedicated room selection processes, you will be placed in the Primary Room Selection Process.

Upperclass Living Learning Communities (Early assignment)

* As a reminder: These processes require additional steps beyond the housing application with their respective offices.

  • DAIR – Dyson Artists in Residence (Elm Hall in Pleasantville)
  • Upperclass Nursing and Health Professions Community (Elm Hall in Pleasantville)
  • If you are able to participate in these communities, your assignment will be completed by the Housing Operations staff, partnering with the community's respective campus partner.

Upper-class Living Learning Communities (Dedicated Room Selection Process)

  • Honors College Community (33 Beekman in NYC, Elm Hall in Pleasantville)
  • Students will receive specific information regarding the dates and times for this room selection process. Students will be selecting their own rooms in this community.

Single Room Selection Process (Dedicated Room Selection Process)

  • We have a very limited number of single rooms available for this room selection process. Because of this, the number of students able to participate in this process will be very limited.
  • Students will be able to select a room based on Room Selection appointment.
  • Students who are not able to participate will be placed on a wait list, and then will become eligible to participate in the Primary room selection process.
  • Students who are assigned to an Upper-class Living Learning Community are not eligible for the double as a single room selection process.
  • A limited number of double rooms as a single that be available are in Martin Hall, North Hall, 33 Beekman, and 55 John Street.
  • If you feel you need a single room based on a medical reason, please speak with Student Accessibility Services.

Pleasantville Townhouse Selection Process (Dedicated Room Selection Process)

  • Students who would like to live in the Townhouses for Fall 2024, must form roommate groups of eight (8). The roommate groups must be formed, matched, and accepted in MyHousing under Room Selection à Roommates/Suitemates.
  • During the Townhouse selection process, it is recommended that the person with the earliest selection time chooses the space. Doing so brings the entire matched group into said Townhouse.
  • Students participating in living in Fraternity and Sorority Life Housing, please contact the Office of Student Engagement for additional steps.

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Primary Room Selection Process

  • Halls available in Pleasantville: Elm Hall, Martin Hall, North Hall
  • Halls available in NYC: 33 Beekman, 55 John Street, and 569 Lexington
  • The primary process takes place April 8–19 between 12:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.
  • Students will be notified of their selection time on March 27. Once a students selection time arrives, they will be able to select a room on their MyHousing portal.
  • Students are then able to select a space anytime between then and the end of the primary process within the room selection timeframes listed above.
  • When selecting a space as a group, only one member of the group has to go to MyHousing, select the room, and assign all the students in their group to a space.
  • Between April 8–12, students may only select an assignment if they can fill the space.
  • Students who are selecting a room on their own, or students who wish to select a room which has more beds than the number of people in their group may not be able to do so until the last week of room selection (April 15–19). This supersedes their room selection time.
  • Example 1: Two students who are matched together during this time may select a double, but would not be able to select a triple
  • Example 2: A student who is not matched with anyone would not be able to select any room, as no single occupancy rooms are available during the primary room selection process.
  • Between April 15–19, students can select any available room regardless of occupancy or the size of their roommate group.

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Selection Times

The Returning Student Room Selection process prioritizes students using an equation based on the number of credits students have completed and their cumulative grade point average. This information will be emailed directly to your Pace University Email Address based on your chosen selection process:

  • Dedicated Room selection: Thursday, March 28, 2024
  • Primary Room selection: Thursday, April 4, 2024

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Overall Timeline for Participating in Room Selection

  1. February 26–March 15: Students apply and deposit via the housing application, completing this in full by the room selection deadline
  2. March 11: Students complete the Housing Agreement. They will be able to select which room selection process they wish to participate in, along with their matching and building preferences.
  3. March 11: Students can search for and match with roommates, which dictates who and where they may be assigned.
  4. March 15: Students who are eligible for an early assignment process must submit their housing application
  5. March 28 or April 4: Students will receive confirmation of their room selection process, and their selection appointment. This applies to students in both the dedicated and primary processes.
  6. April 1–5: The dedicated room selection process takes place.
  7. April 8–19: The primary room selection process takes place.

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New For This Year: Late Assignment Process

Students who do not participate in room selection but are still guaranteed housing will still have opportunities to maximize their living situation for next year.

Below are some reasons why students may not be able to participate in room selection:

  • The fall housing application (and deposit) was received after March 15
  • A student declined to participate in the room selection process on the housing application
  • A student qualified for room selection, but did not participate in any process
  • A student requested a deposit deferral request (see below)

Roommate matching will remain available, where students can search for and match with roommates to be assigned with. Additionally, although building preferences cannot always be guaranteed based on demand and availability, students are always able to indicate and change their building preferences on their housing portal.

Late Assignment Details

As noted, the LATE ASSIGNMENT PROCESS is reserved for students who are GUARANTEED housing, and did not participate in room selection. Beginning at the end of April, students will be able to add themselves to the Late Assignment list, which serves as an indicator for the following:

  1. A student has completed all necessary forms required to retain their housing guaranteed status.
  2. A student has completed any roommate matching they wish to participate in, and any roommate group that they are a part of is complete and set.
  3. A student has updated their building preferences to match their roommate group (if applicable).
  4. A student is ready to receive their housing assignment

At this point, the housing assignments team will work to provide these students with assignments based on preference and availability. This will occur throughout the summer as overall occupancy changes based on any assignment changes or cancellations. This serves to give students an opportunity to receive their housing assignment sooner, extend the timeframe that roommate matching may remain available, and expedite parts of the housing onboarding process. The order of the late assignment list is based on when a student elects to place themselves on this list. If a student needs to make any changes to their preferences or roommate matches, they must first remove themselves from the late assignment list, and then place themselves on this list again. There is no penalty for not participating in the late assignment process, as all guaranteed students WILL receive a housing assignment by the end of July.

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Deposit Deferral

At the time of application, students will be asked to submit a $400 housing deposit. Due to the demand for housing, and the need to properly manage the space available to our students, we cannot waive housing application deposits. Reserving a guaranteed space in housing requires a financial commitment by students to help ensure that we do not hold a space for someone who will ultimately not fill that space. For this reason, we are at most able to provide a deposit deferral, allowing up to three extra months (beyond the original application and deposit deadline) for students to submit their deposit.

Please keep in mind that being granted a deposit deferral comes with several requirements. First, students whose deposits are deferred will not be permitted to participate in any early or online room selection processes. Provided that they submit the application by April 15, and meet all requirements listed above, they will be guaranteed to be placed in housing for the fall, but they will be assigned a room by Housing Operations in mid to late July. They will be able to search for and match with other students who have applied for housing, but only from the group of students who have indicated that they will not be participating in online or early room selection.

Additionally, students whose deposits are deferred will need to make their deposit by July 15, and meet other deadlines through August 1, or their housing application will be cancelled. Students will not receive reminders of the deadlines during the summer, and there will be no extension of deadlines, or appeal of the cancellation of the housing application if deadlines are not met. Please be sure to read the terms of the deferral carefully if you choose to apply for one.

Students wishing to apply for a deferral of their deposit will need to email and request access to the Returning Student Housing Deposit Deferral Request. Within 2 business days the form will be available to them in MyHousing (if you request access and it is not available within 2 business days, please email housing again ASAP).

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Roommate/Suitemate/Housemate Matching

All roommate/suitemate/housemate matching must be made mutually in your MyHousing portal. After you have completed the Housing Agreement, you will be able to go to the top navigation page of MyHousing à Room Selection à Roommates/Suitemates and be able to search and request roommates.

To Send a Roommate Request

  1. Make sure you have selected the correct term - “Fall 2024”
  2. Fill in Last Name, First Name, or email address. This will allow you to search for that specific student.
  3. Click on Request Student as Roommate.
  4. Repeat this process until you have selected all of your roommates/suitemates or housemates.

If someone has sent you a roommate request, all you have to do is confirm it by clicking on the confirm button. You will be able to see on your Roommate/Suitemate Selection page to see if someone has requested you as a roommate.

For groups of three or more, each person has to request and approve each member of the group. If that is not done, you will not be able to assign all of the group members to a space or see all of the possible spaces your group will qualify for in the room selection process.

Remember that each member of your roommate group must have completed their Housing Agreement to participate in roommate matching.

Looking For a Roommate?

If you do not have a specific student in mind, you can use the Advanced Search Feature in MyHousing to find potential roommates. You are able to search for new roommates by a number of criteria, and can communicate with the potential roommates as well. If you decide you want to live with them, send a roommate request to be mutually paired.

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All Gender Housing

In keeping with the mission of Pace University to promote and support diversity, University Housing Operations offers All Gender Housing options to students. All Gender Housing assignments can happen in any residence hall.

In the Roommate/Suitemate section of MyHousing, you will be able to search for any student as a roommate/suitemate/housemate regardless of biological sex. As long as the pair/suite/house is all mutually matched, you will be placed together.

If you choose to not match with anyone, you may be assigned to a space with other residents who selected “Yes” to All Gender Housing by the Office of Housing Operations.

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Housing Accommodations

If you feel that you may need a housing accommodation, we encourage you to visit the Student Accessibility Services Website. There students can learn more about the accommodations process, and how to request an accommodation with Student Accessibility Services (SAS). We encourage returning students for fall 2024 to have both their housing application submitted and their accommodation approved or renewed by March 22, 2024. This allows the housing operations team to prioritize their assignment before room selection. Students who have housing accommodations approved after March 22 may still be assigned, but are subject to the availability of spaces that align with their accommodation.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to SAS on your respective campus:

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Cancelling Your Fall Housing Application

Returning students can cancel their housing at anytime after submitting their fall housing application. The following timetable indicates the refund schedule of their $400 housing deposit based on when they cancel:

  • Will receive a full refund of their $400 room reservation deposit if the Cancellation Form is submitted by June 1, 2024
  • Will receive a 75% refund of their $400 room reservation deposit if the Cancellation Form is submitted by July 1, 2024
  • Will receive a 50% refund of their $400 room reservation deposit if the Cancellation Form is submitted by August 1, 2024
  • Will receive a 25% refund of their $400 room reservation deposit if the Cancellation Form is submitted by September 1, 2024
  • Will receive no refund of their $400 room reservation deposit if the Cancellation Form is submitted after September 1, 2024

If and when students have secured alternate housing, they are encouraged to cancel their housing as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please reach out to and keep an eye on your Housing Portal and email for additional information!

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