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What is Instructional Design? Instructional Design is the practice of designing, developing and delivering content to be used in an educational setting for the acquisition of knowledge to meet program goals and student learning objectives. Our team specifically focuses on instruction in the online environment.

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Services We Provide

The Instructional Design Department plays a key role in enhancing the quality of online education by supporting faculty in the design, development, and delivery of effective and engaging learning experiences. The specific services provided by Pace’s Instructional Design Department includes:

    • Collaborating with faculty to design and develop curriculum materials for online courses and programs.
    • Aligning curriculum with learning objectives and best practices.
    • Assisting faculty in creating well-structured and engaging course content.
    • Incorporating instructional strategies and technologies to enhance learning outcomes.
    • Assisting in the conversion of traditional courses into online formats.
    • Implementing the use of master courses and templates.
    • Ensuring the effective use of learning management systems (LMS) and other online tools.
    • Providing guidance on the selection and integration of educational technologies.
    • Collaborating with faculty to implement effective teaching strategies and methods.
    • Offering guidance on active learning, student engagement, and assessment techniques.
    • Ensuring that course materials and online content comply with accessibility standards.
    • Providing guidance on creating universally designed learning experiences.
    • Conducting reviews of courses to ensure alignment with learning objectives and quality standards.
    • Collecting data to assess the effectiveness of instructional strategies within the Pace Online programs.
    • In conjunction with the Online Learning Center the Instructional Design department assists in the creation of multimedia content for online courses.
    • Providing support for other visual elements
    • Collaborating with faculty members on an individual basis to address specific instructional challenges.
    • Offering consultation on the development of new courses or programs.
    • Providing ongoing support to faculty for troubleshooting, technical issues, and questions related to instructional design.
    • Offering training sessions and webinars for faculty teaching online.

The Team

Joe Seijo
Associate Director of Instructional Design

Picture of Joe Seijo Associate Director of Instructional Design

Joe Seijo has been a member of the Pace staff since 1997. He is also an alumnus of Pace, having received a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and a Master's degree in Homeland Security. As Associate Director of Instructional Design, Joe works with the members of the Instructional Design team to provide support to faculty developing online courses for new and existing online programs. Having previously served in the Faculty Center at Pace for almost two decades, Joe worked with numerous faculty to assist them in online teaching instruction and incorporating instructional technology into their curriculum. He also developed and facilitates a Teaching Online Certification program at Pace designed to equip faculty with the essential skills needed for online teaching and learning. Joe also serves as an adjunct instructor for the Criminal Justice program in Dyson College.

Nancy Uhl
Assistant Director of Instructional Design

Picture of Nancy Uhl Assistant Director of Instructional Design

Nancy Uhl is the Assistant Director of Instructional Design for Pace Online. She has earned a B.S. in Elementary Education from the State University of New York at Oneonta and an M.S. in Curriculum & Instruction from Pace University. With over twenty years of experience at Pace University in distance education, she has been instrumental in helping faculty transition their teaching to the online learning environment. Nancy focuses on ways to facilitate learning through effective and efficient uses of educational technology. She is responsible for managing and maintaining numerous courses in educational programs and supports Blackboard related functions, including training, programming and supporting the faculty with technical inquiries about educational technology related products. She has an expertise in Blackboard. She has written, designed and taught online seminars for several fully online programs at the Associates, Bachelors and Masters Levels to prepare students for the online learning environment.

Gregory Ramsay
Online Course Coordinator

Picture of Gregg Ramsay Online Course Coordinator

Gregg holds a BS in Business Administration from Upper Iowa University. He also has a MS in Computer Science and Computer Systems (hardware/software) from Webster University. Gregg has a Ph.D. in Education Management from LaSalle University and spent 22+ years in the Air Force as a Special Operations Officer and computer systems developer. His team wrote several programs for the Weather Forecasting service in both Java and C++. After retiring from the Air Force due to a parachute accident, he went to work for a small private high school in west-central New Hampshire as the Vice President of Technical and Network Services. Gregg joined the faculty of Pace University in White Plains New York in 1999 and have been a full time instructor and course developer ever since.