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Workshops for Faculty

Future Webinars

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Past Webinars

Organizing your Online Course: The Advantage of Templates and Master Courses

Creating a successful online course involves careful planning, clear structure, and efficient content development. In this webinar, we explore the use of templates and master courses, which can significantly streamline your online course development. This session will be facilitated by Pace’s Instructional Design team.

Date: Wednesday, November 29 2023
Time: 12:10 p.m.–1:10 p.m.
Presenters: Nancy Uhl, Joe Seijo & Gregg Ramsay
Location: Online via Zoom

Faculty Webinar: What Makes a Good Course?

This session will focus on the strategies and techniques for constructing a solid course structure, whether you are teaching a completely online course or using the new learning management system “Classes” as a supplement to your face to face courses. With the recent transition over to the new LMS, some faculty may still have questions with regard to designing course content in this new environment. Starting with a blank course shell, we will look to cover the basic steps for creating course modules comprised of course content and learning activities. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions following the presentation.

Date: March 8, 2021
Time: 12:10 p.m.–1:10 p.m.
Presenters: Pace Online Instructional Design Team – Nancy Uhl, Gregory Ramsay and Joe Seijo
Location: Online via Zoom

"Faculty Webinar: What Makes a Good Course?" Recording

Flipped Instruction in the Online Asynchronous and Synchronous Environments

In a flipped classroom students acquire learning content on their own and maximize their time together by practicing, discussing, group work and more. Can you flip an online class? Yes! The essence of flipped instruction means shifting the focus from the instructor to the students. We can flip both asynchronous and synchronous components of online classes thus creating more interactive and engaging online learning experiences.

These sessions will be facilitated by Nancy Uhl and Courtney Craig via Zoom meeting.

Date: June 17, 2020
Time: 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m.


Each year Pace Online in conjunction with other support offices at Pace University offers the annual Pace Online Conference.

Future Conferences

5th Annual Pace Online Conference: January 16, 2024

The 5th Annual Pace Online Conference - A.I in Higher Education Technology will focus on A.I.’s impact on higher education technology. The conference will include topics that spotlight the increasing use of A.I. in campus technology including the impact on teaching and learning design, curriculum development, and university operations.

Registration for the 5th Annual Pace Online Conference is free and open to all faculty and staff at Pace University.

Past Conferences

4th Annual Pace Online Conference: Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The Changing High Education Landscape: New Initiatives, Plans, and Ideas

The 4th Annual Pace Online Conference provides faculty and staff with innovative training sessions, and develop new ideas and new initiatives to support retention and align with the evolving needs of students. Sessions include:

  • Creating Engaging Stories with Video
  • Learn about the new Faculty Center!
  • Getting It Right: A Workshop on Creating Inclusive and Respectful Learning Spaces for People of All Genders and Pronouns
  • Best Practices for Ensuring Your Course Shells are Ready for the Start of the Semester
  • A showcase of the Advise Platform
  • State of the Sector: 5 Emerging Realities Shaping the Future of Higher Education
  • Launch of Office of Multidisciplinary Support
  • Brightspace/Classes Using Intelligent Agents
  • Best Practices in Marketing Online Programs
  • Badging at Pace – Digitally Sharing the Common Language of Verified Skills

You can watch the recording of the 4th Annual Pace Online Conference sessions.

3rd Annual Pace Online Conference: January 18, 2022

Pace Online hosted an internal conference focused on online education at Pace University and in the higher education field. Sessions included:

  • Tour of the Online Learning Center
  • Welcome to the Online Learning Center
  • Keynote Speaker Dr. Jeff Borden, D2L Chief Academic Officer: Neuroscience + Learning Design + Ed Tech
  • Hands on with Kahoot
  • Hands on with Panopto
  • Hands on with Poll Everywhere
  • Creating Presence in Online and Hybrid Courses
  • Brightspace Mini Workshop Series

You can watch the recording of the 3rd Annual Pace Online Conference sessions.

2nd Annual Pace Online Conference: December 8 & 9, 2020

Pace Online hosted an internal conference focused on online education at Pace University and in the higher education field. Sessions included:

  • Designing the Learner Experience
  • Classes Training: Start Here - navigating the LMS
  • Reimagining Assessments
  • Preparing Faculty for the Future
  • Classes Show & Tell
  • Classes Training: Student activities
  • Keynote speaker, Dr. Chris Sessums
  • Hi-Five to Hyflex
  • Classes Training: 3rd party tools -
  • Transitioning From Campus to Online:
  • Effective Element of Instructional Design
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Classes Training: Video tools - Kaltura, Panopto and Zoom

1st Annual Pace Online Conference: January 21, 2020

Pace Online hosted an internal conference focused on online education at Pace University and in the higher education field. Sessions included:

  • Instructional Design Support Services Panel
  • All Campus Partnership
  • Guest Speaker: Max Midler (Education Advisory Board) – The Next Wave of Online Learning in Higher Education
  • Best Practices and Approval Process
  • Creating Effective Assessments and Maintaining Academic Integrity in Online Courses

1st Annual Pace Online Conference Presentation Slide Decks are available for the presentations.

Instructional Design Workshops

Teaching Effectively Online Workshop

The workshop runs twice a year, typically in January and late August. The workshop is facilitated completely asynchronously using Pace’s learning management system – “Classes”. No physical or synchronous online attendance is required, only a computer and internet connection. This 3-day online workshop is work intensive, requiring active participation and the completion of exercises within the posted deadlines.

Registrants are expected to access and actively participate in the workshop online daily while it is being offered. There is no required time to access the workshop each day. You are welcome to access the workshop and participate at any point during the day (and as frequently or often) that is most convenient for you. We estimate an average between 2 - 3 hours of work per day, which consists of reviewing the content of each module, taking the quiz, and actively posting and responding each day in the discussion forums. This average is based upon prior participant feedback. All we ask is that you complete each day’s work prior to the start of the new day.

By the end of this workshop, faculty should be able to:

  • Create a plan for developing an online course or moving a course from face-to-face to online.
  • Create measurable and specific learning objectives for online courses.
  • Identify the importance of a syllabus and rubrics for an online course and students.
  • Choose tools/features to create an effective and cohesive online course in “Classes”.
  • ​Identify appropriate assessment for online instructional activities.
  • ​​Recognize effective formats for different learning activities.
  • Apply consistency to design and the structure of an online course.
  • Investigate Library resources and services available to online students and faculty.

Please note that this workshop is not intended for instruction on how to use Classes. It is focused on the pedagogy of good effective online instruction. If you require training on how to use Classes, please contact the Office of Academic Technologies for additional support at Additionally, Academic Technologies has a repository of recorded training sessions available on their website.

Only those participants who have completed all the required assignments from the workshop will receive a certificate of completion.