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Copyright and Educational Technology Tools


There are many benefits to being a distance learner. One of them is being able to use the information on the internet as a resource to complete course work. However, knowing when and what information can be used in assignments is vital and an essential part of understanding copyright rules.

Your first stop should always be the Pace University Library. Pace University’s library has many online databases and resources that you can link to from your Classes course without concern of violating any copyright rules. Please visit The Library Resources & Services for Teaching Online page. The library may also assist with obtaining permissions to use copyrighted materials that they do not currently own.

Below are a few links to get you started on understanding copyright.

  • Copyright Basics - Provides a basic understanding of copyright laws and regulations.
  • Creative Commons - This website provides an in-depth understanding in using and remixing intellectual works. Did you find an image or some information that you would like to use to complete your assignment? Check the creative commons site to see if you have permission to use the information.
  • The Basics of getting information - Not sure if you can use the work? Check with the creator of the work and see if their images(s) and content is available for use.
  • Fair use for Education - knowing which type of multimedia content can be used and displayed in course work and websites.

Educational Technology Tools

Various technology tools can be incorporated into the online classroom. Identifying and knowing which tool is vital and the key to having a successful online experience. Below are some of the tools to use that Pace has incorporated into their learning and teaching curriculum.

The Digital Toolkit
A collection of self-help guides, tutorials, and resources geared to help students and faculty. The Digital Toolkit covers instructional technologies available at Pace.

An online collection allowing students to showcase coursework, projects, internships, extracurricular, and experiences. The ePortfolio allows students to track all of their Pace progress.

Linkedin Learning
LinkedIn Learning is an online education company offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills. Faculty can use videos and playlists as part of their course materials and post them in Classes. All Pace faculty, students, and staff have free access to LinkedIn Learning from any desktop or mobile device.