Professional Skills Series

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About the Class

Two-day weekend courses and two-week self-paced online courses that have been specially created to give you additional skills and knowledge helpful to start your career or take your career to the next level.

A variety of useful topics are available. Courses are designed for local future and early-career professionals. Each course is 20 hours. There is an optional additional assignment if you wish to delve deeper into a topic.

2-week Intensive Courses

Courses are fully online and self-paced

The courses will take approximately 10 hours each week to complete. During most of the course, students will participate in activities that can be done individually and on the student’s own schedule. Students may also participate in activities that take place at the same time with other students and instructor through live class sessions.

Optional live class sessions with the instructor are also available. These are not mandatory, but are meant to enhance the learning experience. The times for these sessions are arranged by the instructor on the first day of the course.

Cross-Cultural Communication in the Workplace

Gain specific insights helpful for working in a multi-cultural environment.  Topics include motivation and leadership across cultures, cross-cultural dimensions of decision-making, and negotiating across cultures.

October 12-25, 2020

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Digital Marketing and Social Media

Gain insights into how to use social media for digital marketing and for career advancement.  Topics include building online communities, how to engage audiences through video and messaging, and how to use professional social platforms to gain recognition and network in a competitive online environment.

November 2-15, 2020

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Professional Writing Skills

Gain insight into how writing is implemented in the work place. Topics include  how to write resumes, cover letters, reports, memos, and professional emails.

November 9-22, 2020

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Excellence in Education

Gain insights into a career in education. Topics include an overview of the teaching profession, the necessary tools that all new teachers need, strategies for immediate classroom success, effective lesson planning.

November 30 – December 13, 2020

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Leadership Workshop: Unlock your Inner Leader

Gain insights into effective leadership. Topics include the qualities of a good leader, techniques for building and leading teams, developing executive presence, and establishing credibility as a speaker.

December 7-20, 2020

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Weekend Intensive Courses

Weekend courses are not available in Fall 2020.


Dan Bullock

Dan Bullock is an instructor and corporate trainer teaching multiple language and business communication courses within academic and professional programming at Pace University. He also serves as a language and communications specialist/trainer at the United Nations Secretariat training diplomats and global UN staff.

Shélynn Riel-Osorio

Shélynn Riel-Osorio holds a Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Rhode Island College. In 2017, Shélynn served in Argentina as an English Language Fellow with the U.S. Department of State, facilitating teacher training and professional development of in-service teachers. Prior to her time abroad, Shélynn was the Coordinator of ESL Intensive Programming at Rhode Island College, and the Director of Education at the Refugee Dream Center in Providence, Rhode Island. She has taught learners of all ages and levels, hailing from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.