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Teamwork and Team Building

Course Description

As teams are now the primary way work gets done in most organizations around the world, they are central to the success of any organization. Is your goal to thrive in a team environment and position yourself as an indispensable member of your team, or are you looking to build and lead high performance teams? This course is geared to both team members and team leaders.

We explore the new science of teamwork, examine characteristics and stages of development of high-performing teams, team norms and roles, and discuss effective communication strategies for building interpersonal relations and working in teams. Topics also include maximizing team performance, motivating and influencing others, handling team conflict, managing difficult conversations, providing feedback, delivering constructive criticism, and conducting meetings.

Participants will leave this course having

  1. Participated in teambuilding activities and improvisation exercises designed to improve team collaboration; and
  2. Completed interactive digital assignments and video case studies and take part in an online discussion forum.

Over two weeks, you will:

  • Identify key characteristics of high-performing teams and keys to team effectiveness
  • Learn to participate in teams more effectively
  • Improve your ability to build trust and work collaboratively through effective communication
  • Apply your knowledge of teams to increase your value as a team player.
  • Identify the benefits of diverse teams and learn how to build diversity on your team
  • Acquire techniques for building and leading teams, motivating and influencing others, maximizing team performance
  • Learn to craft a team charter
  • Identify strategies for dealing with difficult people
  • Acquire effective conflict resolution strategies

There is an optional additional research assignment/ essay to be completed after the course. This lets you delve more deeply into a related topic of interest to you. Feedback is provided by the instructor.

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Course Registration

Earn 20 hours for the class + 20 hours for the optional additional research assignment.

Date: TBD
Registration deadline: TBD***
Research Assignment due: TBD
Location: TBD
Instructor: TBD
Course price: $245*
Research Assignment** price: $175* **

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* Prices subject to change

** You must register for the 2-day intensive course in order to register for the optional research assignment. You cannot register for the research assignment only. The research assignment may be taken by anyone. It gives au pairs taking this course for education credits an additional 20 hours.

*** Although this is the final date for registration, the course may be cancelled the Thursday before the class begins based on enrollment. Please register as early as possible to avoid class cancellation.


  • 20-40 hours
    • 2-week online course 20 hours
    • Optional Research Assignment available for additional 20 hours
  • Flexible study options
  • Professional faculty
  • Academic advisement
  • Certificate available by request
  • No registration or test fee
  • Full use of University facilities


All registration and payment for courses is done online.


Classes may be available Online, in New York City, or in Westchester. Please review the campus information prior to registering.

Research Assignment

The number of hours stated on the certificate is based on the average number of hours needed to complete the requirements of the assignment. Research assignments are due by the published deadline in the above course information and also as communicated in pre-arrival information sent by our Admissions team. Students may request an extension of up to 3 days by writing the Admissions team before the research assignment due date in writing to Requests for extensions after the research assignment due date will not be honored. Research assignments received after the due date or approved extended due date will not be accepted and the research assignment hours will be forfeited.

Students who registered and attended a weekend intensive course may add-on one (1) 20-hour research assignment for specific course and topic they attended no later than the Friday after the course completed. Requests to add on a 20-hour research paper after the Friday deadline will not be approved.

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