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Publicity for Books and Studies

If you are publishing a book, please call Public Affairs to discuss publicity support well before publication, and ideally three months in advance. Public Affairs can work with the publicists at your publishing house to support coverage via methods including Op-Ed articles, local and national print publications, and TV and radio interviews.

We also encourage faculty authors to submit information about all publications, including books, papers, presentations, off-campus performances and patents, to:

Jerry McKinstry
AVP, Public Affairs
Phone: (914) 773-3312

Please be sure to provide the appropriate information, including:

  • Excerpts, blurbs or general information.
  • Contact information for the publishing house and publicist.
  • Existing publicity materials generated by you or the publishing house.
  • Biographical information that describes your background and work.
  • ISBN number of the book and expected publication date.