Students walking near the Kessel Student Center, on the Pace University campus in Pleasantville, NY

Setters Leadership House (SLH)

Live With Like-Minded Leaders Who Want to Make a Difference!

The Setters Leadership House is open to first-year students on the Pleasantville Campus. Students accepted into this program will live together in Setters Leadership and Service House FIG in Alumni Hall, participating in community service activities and various leadership development workshops to allow students to discover and develop their own unique skillsets and talents.

Program Requirements:

  • Have a 2.75 GPA from high school;
  • Possess a willingness to live on-campus for the first year;
  • Live together in Alumni Hall as part of the SLH section;
  • Attend the kick-off overnight retreat (last Monday–Wednesday in August), six workshops per semester, and a semesterly reception in addition to completion of the "Tier Transition" requirements;
  • Demonstrate commitment to leading and making an impact both in their schools and local community; and
  • Express a desire to improve on one’s leadership ability and to apply the leadership lessons learned on campus and beyond.

Learning Outcomes:

What will you gain from participating in the Setters Leadership and Service House?

  • Personal development and self-awareness;
  • Networking skills;
  • Ability to inspire others;
  • Practical and interactive education in leadership;
  • Ongoing service to others;
  • And more!