Students walking near the Kessel Student Center, on the Pace University campus in Pleasantville, NY

Learning Outcomes

Tier 1: Self

(Time to complete: approximately one semester.)

Tier 1 focuses on self-reflection, allowing you to critically reflect upon and assess your own strengths. You will also explore your areas of improvement within the leadership process. Tier 1 will require you to consider how your leadership beliefs and values relate to your actions and behaviors. You'll attend an off-campus, overnight retreat and learn from expert speakers on leadership topics such as consciousness of self (self awareness, strengths, and  personal leadership philosophy), congruence (ethical behavior, values, and actions in agreement), and commitment (passion, energy, priorities, and follow-through). Each student will have a mentor group meeting between workshops. In order to progress to Tier 2, scholars must complete a Tier transition presentation.

Tier 1 Workshops: Creating a Personal Vision, The Congruent Leader, Emotional Intelligence, Identifying and Sustaining Your Passion, Leadership Philosophies, and Letters from Leaders.

Tier 2: Group

(Time to complete: approximately one semester.)

Tier 2 focuses on group dynamics and the importance of developing positive relationships to help impact change. You will observe and identify your peers’ strengths and areas in need of improvement within the leadership process. Tier 2 will teach you how to create and persuade others to adopt a shared vision. You will also learn to positively embrace controversy and conflict within the leadership process as a way to build trust and re-establish purpose within a group setting. Workshops will center around collaboration, common purpose, and controversy with civility. You will complete a group project and continue to meet in your mentor groups from Tier 1. In order to progress to Tier 3, scholars must complete a Tier transition presentation.

Tier 2 Workshops: StrengthsQuest 2.0 and Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Communication in Leadership, Team Science, and Project Meetings.

Tier 3: Community

(Time to complete: approximately two semesters.)

Tier 3 explores your leadership within society. You will have the opportunity to apply leadership principles you have learned in the first two Tiers to issues of justice within our society. Tier 3 will help you recognize and become actively engaged within the communities you serve. You will utilize leadership skills acquired in Tiers 1 and 2 to work toward social change in an area of your choice. Tier 3 scholars are also invited to serve as mentors to incoming Tier 1 scholars' workshops, centering around citizenship. You will complete a community impact project and complete your certification with your final Tier transition presentation.

Tier 3 Workshop: Mentorship, Research in Action, Social Justice, Strengths: Team Dynamics, and Leadership in My Profession.