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Funded Summer Internships

The Helene and Grant Wilson Center's Funded Summer Internship Program was launched in 2009 and funds up to 15 Pace University students in full-time summer internships with New York social enterprises and nonprofit organizations each year.

The goal of the internship is two-fold: To offer experiential learning and income for students interested in careers in the nonprofit/social impact sector, and to offer bright, highly motivated, mentored students in service for nonprofits. Internships must provide hands-on, substantive opportunities for students to make a meaningful contribution to the work of the organization.

Summer 2022 Internships

For eligibility, students must:

  • Be currently enrolled at Pace and graduating from Pace University, December 2022 or later
  • All majors are eligible, International students are also encouraged to apply.
  • Have an interest in human service and/or social enterprise.
  • Work full-time for eight consecutive weeks between May and September.
  • Make a 35 hours per week commitment, work 280 hours total, compensated at $19/hour.

How Pace Students Can Apply:

Click on the internship links below to preview the internship descriptions listed on the Handshake website. Along with your resume, submit a thoughtfully written cover letter tailored to suit the internship you are applying for. Please refer to the Resume and Cover Letter Guidebook (PDF) for guidance. Application instructions may vary by employer and are included in the internship description.

Scroll through our internship experiences below to learn more about our most recent 2021 cohort of summer interns and more.

Maria Andrukhiv
BA, Political Science and Economics, 2021
Host Organization: Control Arms
Job Title: Summer Campaign Associate

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Maria Andrukhiv

Maria is a senior graduating in December from the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences dual majoring in Political Science and Economics with a minor in Peace and Justice Studies and Spanish Language. In addition to Maria’s active on-campus life at Pace as the Student Government Association’s Senior Vice President and Treasurer of the Economics Society she also supports the Economics department where she works as an Environmental Economics Research Assistant. Her extensive research experience paired with her strong communication skills made Maria a standout candidate for this internship opportunity at Control Arms, an international organization that works on the universalization and implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty. In addition to a number of administrative tasks and duties, Maria worked closely with her international colleagues to prepare for the 7th Biennial Meeting of States (BMS7) on the UN Programme of Action (UNPoA) to Prevent, Combat, and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons In All Its Aspects. By preparing for this extensive conference and attending various meetings and plenary sessions Maria obtained insights to how the UN operates. Having learned about the United Nations through her studies at Pace and having participated in Model UN, her internship experience was even more impactful as she learned and experienced first-hand, the importance of diplomacy and the role of civil society while expanding her knowledge about the international community at large. Upon completing her 8 week funded summer internship at Control Arms, Maria accepted an offer to continue working with the organization into the fall semester.

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Ashley Bedoya
BA, Peace and Justice Studies, 2022
Host Organization: She’s the First
Job title: Advocacy Intern

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Ashley Bedoya

Ashley is a rising senior in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a bachelor of arts in Peace and Justice Studies as well as a double minor in Spanish and Latin American Studies. As an avid advocate for girl’s rights, Ashley was thrilled to accept the summer internship offer at She’s the First (STF), an international organization that fights gender inequality through education. In her position of Advocacy Intern, Ashley worked closely with STF’s Partner Coalition group as well as their Girls First Network to support their program goals. Although writing may not have been her strongest skill prior to this internship, Ashley says she gained confidence developing and strengthening her writing skills this summer. Some of her day-to-day tasks included writing blog posts, creating entries for the “Discover Your Power” journal and creating prompts to guide girls in creating their own support network as well as a meditation section and other visual prompts to help visual learners. One of Ashley’s favorite takeaways from her experience was the encouragement received by staff at STF to ask more about the organization and global issues surrounding gender inequality. In addition to roundtable discussions where interns were provided post-grad advice, she was invited to various development workshops and informative sessions to learn about other global issues or ways to support girls in your own local community/at home. Upon completion of her internship, Ashley is convinced her career path will lead to more work in the nonprofit sector either on a local or international level, where she can ensure girls around her are being supported.

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Allison Bloom
BA, Communication Studies, 2022
Host Organization: WaterAid America
Job Title: Summer Philanthropy Intern

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Allison Bloom

Allison is a rising senior in the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences graduating in spring 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a minor in Psychology. A proud member of Phi Mu’s Pace University chapter, Allison serves as the chairwoman of Philanthropy for her sorority where she works closely with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital to organize and facilitate virtual fundraisers. Prior to securing her position at WaterAid this summer, Allison worked for a local nonprofit that focused on creating outdoor summer programming for New York City youth. As WaterAid’s Summer Philanthropy Intern, Allison researched prospective and current supporters by analyzing wealth and data in an effort to further develop stewardship and cultivation strategies. She learned to adapt stories from the field for major donor audiences, suggested interviews and media for WaterAid’s quarterly publication and supported her team in securing $1M+ in annual funding for field programs, operations and global initiatives. Through her internship experience, Allison strengthened her research, communication and fundraising skills, gained a better understanding of the inner workings of a nonprofit and learned about the power of relationship building with donors. Upon completing her 8 week funded summer internship, WaterAid extended Allison’s internship into the fall semester.

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Carolyn Brody
BA, Peace and Justice Studies & Political Sciences, 2022
Host Organization: Westhab
Job Title: Development Intern
The Greg Durkin 2021 Funded Summer Internship

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Carolyn Brody

Carolyn is a rising senior in the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in both Political Science and Peace & Justice Studies. Having held a previous internship at a local Westchester community organization, Carolyn was immediately drawn to apply for the Development Internship position at Westhab because of their mission and the deep connection she felt to this community even though she had never lived there. In her role as the Development Intern, Carolyn focused on drafting Westhab’s Annual Impact Report. This task was particularly important as the organization celebrated its 40th anniversary. To illustrate the success of Westhab over 40 years, she created a timeline that highlighted all their significant events, identified success stories among their clients and held interviews to capture their stories. In addition, Carolyn supported the planning and execution of Westhab’s 18th Annual Golf Classic event, their annual fundraising event. This internship helped Carolyn improve her attention to detail, polish her interview skills and as a result of this being a hybrid internship opportunity she was also able to strengthen her office etiquette skills. Upon completing her 8 week funded summer internship, Westhab extended Carolyn’s internship into the fall semester.

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Natahan Crystal
BA, Social & Anthropology and Political Science, 2023
Host Organization: 9/11 Memorial & Museum
Job title: Government & Community Affairs Intern

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Nathan Crystal

Nathan is a rising junior in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences where he is pursuing a double major in Sociology & Anthropology as well as Political Science. As a Government and Community Affairs intern at the 9//11 Memorial and Museum, Nathan interfaced with community leaders to better understand the relationship between the museum and its stakeholders. One of his larger projects this summer included the Survivor Tree Seedling Program, where he conducted in-depth research to help identify communities around the world that demonstrate resiliency and strength in response to acts of violence and/or tragic events. Nathan also drafted communications between government agencies and local nonprofits in an effort to maintain and deepen partnerships among the community during the pandemic. This internship opportunity provided Nathan with the opportunity to strengthen and further develop his writing skills, work collaboratively and effectively with a team while learning more about the dynamics of a local nonprofit organization serving an international audience.

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Sofia Filipe
BA, Communication Studies, 2024
Host Organization: Latino U College Access
Job title: Program Intern

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Sofia Filipe

Sofia is a rising sophomore in the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences where she is completing a combined degree program with a bachelor of arts in Communications and a Master’s degree in Digital Media. As a Latinx student, Sofia greatly connected with the mission and vision of Latino U College Access(LUCA) and was even more excited for this internship opportunity after learning the organization’s founder is also a Pace alumna. In her position, Sofia supported a number of LUCA’s programs including their College Access and their First Gen Forward programs. She hosted a movie screening and panel discussion with LUCA’s scholars to discuss the obstacles of being a first-generation college student. Sofia also worked collaboratively with other team members to create LUCA’s summer newsletter and provided tips to help students stay productive during the summer months. This particular project was a great learning experience for Sofia as she quickly learned about her own passion for digital media design. Sofia’s internship experience made her realize how important the work of an organization like LUCA is in a community like Westchester County where so many Latinx teens are not even considering college as an option after high school because they don’t think that opportunity is a reality for them. At the start of her internship, Sofia had not yet identified a major/degree for herself. Despite having started her internship experience as an “undecided” major student at Pace, through the support and guidance of her colleagues at LUCA, Sofia has chosen a degree program that suits her passions and goals.

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Karina Garcia
BS, Biology, 2023
Host Organization: Billion Oyster Project
Job Title: Research Associate Technician

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Karina Garcia

Karina is a rising junior in the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology. As a Student Alumni Ambassador and a student-aide in Pace University’s Modern Languages & Cultures department, Karina is an active member of the Pace community. Her major and recent academic research in cellular and molecular biology made her the ideal candidate for the Research Associate Technician internship at the Billion Oyster Project (BOP) this summer. In line with BOP’s mission of restoring oyster reefs to New York Harbor through public education initiatives, Karina worked with various volunteer groups by educating them of their assignments and tasks or informing visitors that may find their way to their work-site. She also assisted with oyster monitoring and conducted water quality testing to help identify safe areas for recreational use along the New York Harbor. Karina is grateful for her experience this summer and for the opportunity to have expanded her skills and knowledge in the marine sciences.

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Zoe Kim
BA, Economics, 2021
Host Organization: Hudson River Park Trust
Job Title: Environmental Education Intern

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Zoe Kim

Zoe is currently a senior graduating in December 2021 with a major in Economics and a minor in Environmental Studies from the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences. Zoe’s positive attitude, enthusiasm to learn and her upbeat energy were all qualities immediately observed during her interview with Hudson River Park Trust. Pairing these qualities with her previous work experience, Zoe was the ideal fit for HRPK Trust’s Environmental Education Intern. In her day-to-day work Zoe closely supported a number of programs and tours including HRPK’s WetLab a live-flow native aquarium on the south side of Pier 40. She also guided educational tours with school groups and summer camps discussing the Hudson River’s ecosystem and worked with her team to conduct fish ecology surveys that monitor local marine populations. Zoe also led the organization’s tree survey, collecting data on tree health and assessing the ecological benefits of various trees along the Hudson River. As HRPK’s Environmental Education Intern, Zoe also worked on Shell-ebrate Oysters an oyster monitoring project that helps restore the Hudson River’s local habitat. Zoe found her internship experience to be energizing and fulfilling and was grateful to all her seasonal colleagues as well as her supervisors for their mentorship and support. Upon completing her 8 week funded summer internship at Hudson River Park Trust, Zoe accepted an offer to continue working with the organization into the fall semester.

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Griffin Lalli
BA, Peace and Justice Studies & Political Sciences, 2024
Host Organization: ExpandED Schools
Job Title: STEM Curriculum Intern
The Elizabeth White 2021 Funded Summer Internship

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Griffin Lalli

Griffin is a rising sophomore in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Peace & Justice Studies. Upon researching his options for a summer internship, Griffin was immediately attracted to the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Curriculum Internship position at ExpandED Schools. As a high school student, Griffin focused on STEM education and Equity and immediately identified with the mission and goals of ExpandED Schools, a nonprofit that provides educational resources to public after-school programs. Despite having changed their focus upon choosing a major at Pace, Griffin strongly supports the value, understanding and impact that STEM equity is for everyone, regardless of race, gender or socio-economic background. As the STEM Curriculum Intern at ExpandED, Griffin read every STEM Educator Academy Lesson Plan. In his review, Griffin identified ways lesson plans can be more inclusive by moving away from gendered language and also using language that is more mindful of disabled student audiences. Griffin also updated ExpandED’s Career Exploration resource to include more STEM career paths that don’t necessarily require 8+ years of schooling. He also designed and compiled information for a google site that housed all the lesson plans in an effort to make this resource more widely accessible. Additionally, Griffin met with various stakeholders at ExpandED for information interviews that helped him grow his own understanding of the nonprofit and the many ways they are able to support their local communities throughout New York City.

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Joanne Mantzouridou Onasi
MS, Strategic Management, 2022
Host Organization: Center for Employment Opportunities
Job Title: Employee Experience Intern

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Joanne Mantzouridou Onasi

Joanne is a rising senior in the Lubin School of Business where she is pursuing her Master’s degree in Strategic Management, graduating in spring 2022. Her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communications, made her a unique candidate with a skillset that set her apart from other applicants. Needless to say, Joanne was thrilled to accept the Employee Experience Internship at CEO, the largest reentry employment provider in the country serving more than 8K clients annually. As a result of her work setting, Joanne learned a great deal about the US Justice System. During her internship she facilitated workshops and focus groups with various individuals and cohorts representing a wide array of CEO’s clients. As the Employee Experience Intern, Joanne also provided assistance and support to CEO’s Talent Management and the Diversity/Equity and Inclusion teams. Her involvement and support of these groups enabled her to create proposals for the improvement of the Affinity Groups program as well as the opportunity to start a new Sustainability Affinity Group. This internship experience allowed Joanne to consider potential careers in Human Capital Consulting or within the fields of Talent Management & DEI. She also learned that she doesn’t dislike working remotely as long as you have the support of a strong team. In addition, Joanne was grateful to her supervisor for her leadership and mentorship as she further developed and strengthened her skills in data visualization, facilitation and research, this summer.

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Alicia Moran
BS, Information Technology, 2022
Host Organization: America Needs You
Job Title: Program Operations Intern
The Elizabeth White 2021 Funded Summer Internship

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Alicia Moran

Alicia is a rising senior in the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology with a focus in Computer Security. As a first-generation college student, Alicia was inspired to apply for the Program Operations Internship position at America Needs You (ANY). Their mission of advocating for the economic mobility of first-generation college students was one Alicia felt very passionate about. In her role as the Program Operations Intern, Alicia analyzed more than 700 surveys to help revise and improve workshop curriculum, she created more than 50 prompts to promote discussions between fellows and mentors via Slack. She also organized a master calendar for ANY’s locations across the country and created industry guides for careers in engineering, STEM, government and policy. These guides included details about how one can strengthen their soft & hard skills, general industry information and how to find internship and enrichment opportunities to be a more competitive candidate for the positions fellows apply to. As her first internship opportunity, Alicia was grateful to have had this opportunity and is eager to complete her degree in the Spring 2022.

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Sydney Ochoco
BBA, Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communications, 2023
Host Organization: Asian American Federation
Job Title: Program & Communications Intern

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Sydney Ochoco

Sydney is a rising junior in the Lubin School of Business where she is pursuing a bachelor of business administration in Advertising and Integrated Marketing with a minor in Special Events Marketing. Eager to explore and grow in the world of marketing through a Program and Communications Internship, Sydney undoubtedly accepted the summer internship position at the Asian American Federation (AAF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to representing Asian American New Yorkers through advocacy, policy work, research and training. In her role, Sydney wrote copy for AAF’s various social media outlets, posted press releases, news and press statements to AAF’s website and began a “Faces of AAF” campaign highlighting the behind the scenes work of AAF’s staff and volunteers. Through various interviews and discussions with her colleagues, Sydney valued the opportunity to learn more about her own community and grew a greater appreciation of her culture. Additionally, Sydney conducted extensive research and outreach collecting resources and relevant information to create a directory of local Asian-American therapists and psychologist and psychiatrists for Asian-Americans seeking mental health support. As a result of her internship experience, she also learned to use a number of other programs and applications suites that she is now using in her classes at Pace.

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Nicole Ostaszewski
BBA, Arts & Entertainment Management, 2024
Host Organization: Creative Time
Job title: Development Intern

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Nicole Ostaszewski

Nicole is a rising sophomore in the Lubin School of Business where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management of the Arts & Entertainment and a double minor in Digital Media Studies and Russian. As an avid enthusiast of all things art, Nicole was drawn to the mission of Creative Time, a public arts organization that works with artists to contribute to the dialogues, debates, and dreams of our times. As Creative Time’s Development Intern, Nicole worked primarily on Rashid Johnson’s Red Stage at Astor Place in New York City, a sculpture and creative hub that acted as a public invitation to performing artists to experiment and create a future beyond the pandemic. When she wasn’t working at Red Stage, Nicole worked on a number of projects and assignments. Those included but are not limited to grant writing, donor and foundation applications, salesforce management, revenue recording, gift processing and conducting prospect research. For Nicole, this funded internship opportunity illuminated the importance and accessibility of the arts. Nowadays, art is often a privatized luxury that is not accessible to everyone, she stresses the importance of public art and the need for its support and was grateful to be able to do so through her internship this summer.

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Alexa Sabatini
BA, Peace and Justice Studies & Political Sciences, 2021
Host Organization: Global Policy Forum
Job title: Program Intern

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Alexa Sabatini

Alexa is a senior in the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences, graduating in December 2021. As a Peace and Justice Studies and Political Science student, she aspires to develop a career in the field of International Law. After accepting the offer for the summer internship opportunity at Global Policy Forum (GPF), she was enthusiastic and eager to begin her career trajectory via this small stepping stone. One of her first tasks upon beginning her internship as the Program Intern at GPF was to prepare for the annual High-level Political Forum, the United Nations central platform for follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals. Alexa also worked on a number of other initiatives including preparations for the 5th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries as well as the Challenging Corporate Influence Project. In joining a number of preparatory committees, participating in virtual UN meetings and drafting various monitoring reports, Alexa gained a better perspective on global politics and how they shape and influence the world. Her supervisor, Elena, was instrumental in providing Alexa with a strong an impactful internship experience, tailoring the internship to better serve Alexa’s strengths and providing her with career advice, she found this internship opportunity to be a valuable working experience that will certainly contribute to shaping her future career. Upon completing her 8 week funded summer internship, Global Policy Forum extended Alexa’s internship into the fall semester.

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Carly Scarborough
BA, Communication Studies, 2022
Host Organization: Hudson River Park Friends
Job Title: Digital Marketing Intern

Wilson Center funded summer intern 2021, Carly Scarborough

Carly is a rising senior in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences where she is pursuing a bachelor of arts in Communication Studies as well as a double minor in Digital Media Studies and Journalism. As a writer for Her Campus chapter at Pace University as well as a number of prior internship experiences, Carly was a unique candidate with a skillset that set her apart from other applicants. She was thrilled to accept Hudson River Park Friends’ offer where she worked as their Digital Marketing Intern this summer. Throughout her internship, Carly delivered weekly metric reports to the Communications and Marketing team based on analytics and data, wrote copy for their various social media platforms and researched innovative ways to increase HRPK’s social and web engagement. She also developed a hashtag strategy report to more effectively use hashtags on their social media platforms, researched google ads as well as ways HRPK can take ownership of their online presence on websites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor. Upon completing her 8 week funded summer internship at Hudson River Park Friends, Carly secured a position working for NBC Universal’s sales and marketing team.

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