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Funded Summer Internships

The Helene and Grant Wilson Center's Funded Summer Internship Program was launched in 2009 and funds up to 15 Pace University students in full-time summer internships with New York social enterprises and nonprofit organizations each year.

The goal of the internship is two-fold: To offer experiential learning and income for students interested in careers in the nonprofit/social impact sector, and to offer bright, highly motivated, mentored students in service for nonprofits. Internships must provide hands-on, substantive opportunities for students to make a meaningful contribution to the work of the organization.

Summer 2023 Internships


  • Candidates must be currently enrolled at Pace and graduating from Pace University, December 2023 or later.
  • Students across all majors (undergraduate and graduate) are eligible, International students are also encouraged to apply.
  • Candidates must have an interest in human services and/or social enterprise.
  • If hired, interns must work full-time for eight consecutive weeks between June and September.
  • Interns make a 35 hours per week commitment, work 280 hours total, compensated at $19/hour.

How Pace Students Can Apply

Peruse our funded summer internship positions below and click the link to preview the posting on Handshake, applications will only be accepted via Handshake. In addition to an updated resume, applicants must submit a thoughtfully written cover letter tailored to suit the internship you are applying for. Please visit Pace's Career Services to learn more about how to become "resume-ready" on Handshake. Application deadline for all internships is Sunday, April 9. 2023.

Scroll through recent internship experiences below to learn more about our latest cohort of summer interns and more.

Patrick Beebe
2022 Susan Lubalin Funded Summer Internship
BBA, Arts & Entertainment Management, 2024
Employer: Creative Time
Job Title: Development Intern

Photo of Summer Intern, Patrick Beebe

Patrick Beebe is a rising junior, pursuing a degree in Arts and Entertainment Management in the Lubin School of Business. This summer he was hired by Creative Time, a nonprofit organization founded in 1974 to support the creation of innovative, site-specific, socially engaged artwork in the public realm, particularly in vacant spaces of historical and architectural interest. Among the artists they collaborated with this summer, Patrick and his team worked closely with American artist, Charles Gaines, on his first major art installation, American Manifest. The first of a three part installation, launched in July in Time Square with upcoming installations in October and beyond. In addition to the creative side of his internship, Patrick also learned how to use Salesforce to track and record incoming donations and gifts. He prospect researched many different funders and donors that may support Creative Time’s mission and met regularly with the development team to report on his progress and brainstorm to identify additional funding grants and opportunities. As an internship deliverable to Creative Time, Patrick’s independent project of the summer entailed the reimplementation of a patron group at Creative Time. Titling this group of patrons, The Artisan Council, this multi-tiered patron program would further connect donors and funders to artists and their work with the goal of creating a public center to further grow access to workspaces for artists. Through this real-world internship experience, Patrick strengthened his communication, presentation and interpersonal skills, and says he learned far more about the nonprofit sector through his summer internship at Creative Time. .

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Waleska Carrasco
BA, Political Science, 2024
Employer: South Bronx United
Job Title: Summer Scholars Teaching Mentor

Photo of Summer Intern, Waleska Carrasco

Waleska is a rising senior in Dyson College of Arts & Sciences with a major in Political Science and a minor in Criminal Justice. This summer, Waleska interned at South Bronx United, a nonprofit organization that uses soccer as a tool for social change. They aim to help community youth build character, teamwork and leadership skills that can help them succeed in high school, college, and their future careers. With more than a third of SBU’s students born outside the US, the organization also provides immigration services to help support families obtain legal status. Each year, the organization takes on dozens of volunteers that dedicate their time to championing students through soccer and education. As the Summer Scholars Mentor, working with seventh grade students, to provide varying elements of the college experience, guiding them through the use of block schedule, choosing majors and minors as well as encouraging students to explore their interest. In implementing a behavioral management system, Waleska saw first-hand how intentional praise of her students encouraged them to want to learn more and positively impacted their studies and overall behavior inside as well as outside the classroom. Waleska’s student group chose to major in Robotics this summer, among their many projects, field trips and activities she also helped her students build a robot and a website for their robot. The culmination of their summer program was marked with a robotic soccer match, sponsored through the New York City Football Club. Her experience this summer working with the youth of South Bronx United helped Waleska improve her time management, leadership and communication skills. She looks forward to completing her senior year and continuing her studies in law school. .

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Christina Davis
BBA, Arts & Entertainment Mgt. & MS, Human Resource Mgt., 2023
Employer: Center for Employment Opportunities
Job Title: Employee Experience Intern

Photo of Summer Intern, Christina Davis

Christina is a rising senior in the Lubin School of Business where she is completing a combined degree program with her BBA in Arts & Entertainment Management and her MS in Human Resource Management. This summer she interned at the Center for Employment Opportunities an innovative nonprofit organization that aims to provide immediate, effective, and comprehensive employment services exclusively to individuals who have recently returned home from incarceration. During her time at CEO, Christina engaged in numerous developmental opportunities, such as Insights, affinity groups and meet and greets with departments of interest. She also supported her team with preparation and follow-up tasks related to meetings, partnerships and communications with key internal stakeholders. However, the main focus of Christina’s internship at CEO was to evaluate their ninety-day review process and provide helpful recommendations on how to make efficient steps towards revamping the ninety-day reflection process to best align CEO’s organizational processes with employee professional development. In order to do so, she hosted a number of focus groups to gather feedback from employees and managers that have and have not engaged in the ninety-day-review process. Christina also met with CEO’s Employee Experience Project as well as their Director of Strategic Implementation to gather their feedback on the process. To further solidify her outcomes, she conducted extensive external research of similar or exceptional organizations (nonprofits organizations >500 employees, reentry organizations, organizations with good performance management systems). At the conclusion of her internship, Christina presented her findings to her team and shared her recommendations accordingly. Given the opportunity to implement her classroom knowledge in the workplace, Christina found her internship experience at CEO enlightening and is grateful to have had the opportunity to work directly in the field of HR for the first time ever.

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Victor Diaz
BA, Political Science and MPA, Public Administration, 2023
Employer: Latino U College Access, Inc.
Job: College Success Program Intern

Photo of Summer Intern, Victor Diaz

Victor is a combined degree student in the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences, completing his master's in Public Administration and his undergraduate degree in Political Science with a minor in Religious Studies. Prior to his internship experience at Latino U College Access this summer, Victor recently completed an internship working with FEMA last summer as well as the National Urban League in Washington DC. As their College Success Program Intern, Victor helped Latino U implement various events, information sessions and related opportunities for their student scholars, he supported their staff at various levels and learned to work with Salesforce. Leveraging Victor's prior internship experience and his background as an MPA government track student, Latino U's Founder and Strategic Growth Officer assigned him with a special project to help bring longevity to Latino U's mission and goals supporting low-income, first generation Latino youth gain college access and succeed. By the end of his summer internship at Latino U this summer, Victor had created an advocacy plan and agenda to help Latino U achieve their goals of longevity and advocacy at the local, state and federal levels. Working on the advocacy plan project gave Victor even greater insights into the nonprofit sector and how impactful and necessary organizations like Latino U are in our communities to help bridge the various gaps that exist between communities and common needs. Victor found his internship to be a rewarding experience that has provided him with transferable skills, experience and knowledge that he can bring to a future opportunity after obtaining his MPA degree, next spring.

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Karina Garcia
BS, Biology 2023
Employer: Billion Oyster Project
Job Title: Research Associate Technician

Photo of Summer Intern, Karina Garcia

Karina is a rising senior in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, pursing a degree in Biology with a minor in Organic Chemistry. No stranger to the Billion Oyster Project’s work, she was thrilled to be able to work with this organization for a second time last summer. The Billion Oyster Project (BOP) is a New York City-based nonprofit organization with the goal of restoring one billion oysters to New York Harbor, through a number of public initiatives and volunteer programs. As filter feeders, oysters are natural water filters and a billion oysters could clean the entire standing volume of the NY Harbor every three days. Not only do these oysters help filter the water, they also become natural storm barriers in harsh weather and help protect additional damage to the city coast lines. Oyster monitoring and water quality testing were just a few of the responsibilities that filled Karina’s time as a Research Associate Technician at BOP. NYC’s combined sewage overflow system kept Karina and her team on their feet, regularly testing water sites throughout the harbor for bacteria such as enterococcus a common fecal indicator often found in the harbor after heavy rains as a results of the combined sewage system’s overflow into the river. Their test results were shared regularly with the public and helped to determine the safety of the water for recreational activities such as swimming and kayaking in the East River. Through oyster monitoring, Karina learned first-hand from educators that volunteered to adopt oyster cages and shared observations they made over time about the cage’s condition, growth and biodiversity providing context for future oyster cage sites. She also worked to run wash cycles with public volunteers to wash oyster shells donated by restaurants, once washed these shells are placed into cages and sent to the lab to be populated with oyster eggs before being placed in the river. Looking ahead to graduating next spring, Karina has strengthened and developed transferable, real-world skills that she can apply at future opportunities.

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Abhinandan Gupta
2022 Conway Foundation Funded Summer Internship
MBA, Business Analytics, 2023
Employer: America Needs You
Job Title: Program Operations Intern

Photo of Summer Intern, Abhi Gupta

Abhinandan is a graduate student in the Lubin School of Business completing his MBA with a focus on Business Analytics. This summer he was the Program Operations Intern at America Needs You (ANY), a nonprofit organization that fights for economic mobility for ambitious, first-generation college students and provides them with transformative mentorship and intensive career development. Abhi worked closely with ANY’s Project-FirstGenU, in his role he registered students using Salesforce and Canvas, generated weekly data reports for team discussions, and researched best practices to increase student engagement via virtual learning. He also researched and taught his team how to generate bulk access reports in Canvas, significantly reducing a previously tedious and time consuming task. Through a number of networking opportunities and workshops that Abhi helped facilitate he networked with mentors from JP Morgan and Godman Sachs. He gained proficiency using platforms such as Salesforce, Canvas and Textedly and felt he was able to further develop his communication, collaboration and organizational skills. Upon conclusion of this Conway Funded Summer Internship, Abhi was able to continue on in his position at America Needs You through the fall semester.

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Antje Hipkins
BA, Peace & Justice Studies and Political Science, 2023
Employer: Global Policy Forum
Job Title: Policy & Advocacy Intern

Photo of Summer Intern, Antje Hipkins

Antje is an Honors College rising senior with a double major in Peace and Justice Studies and Political Science. Last summer, Antje interned at the Global Policy Forum, an independent policy watchdog that monitors and reports on the United Nations, its member states, and their activities and developments in multilateral affairs. Given the nature of the organization, there are many meetings to attend and notes to be taken that later inform monitoring reports made available to the public. Through her preparation and attendance at various meetings of the High Level Political Forum, drafting of monitoring reports and feedback from her team, Antje gained greater insight of the interconnected nature of organizations at the UN, working inside this space and attending meetings and learning to read between the lines about the way many member states report or present. She also learned she needed to take on a stronger tone in her writing with a more specific political voice. She published two monitoring reports on GPF’s website, including a co-authored piece regarding corporate influence at the UN. Among the many projects and meetings she attended, Antje was most enthusiastic about her organizing of the color campaign during the High Level Political Forum for the UN Women’s Major Group. This impactful campaign helped bring accountability and acknowledgement to the issues the women’s major group sought to highlight with each day/color representing a different issue. Looking ahead to her senior year, Antje is grateful for her experience and the skills she learned and strengthened this summer through her internship at GPF. .

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Clea Matt
BA, Communication Studies, 2023
Employer: Hudson River Park Friends
Job title: Digital Media & Marketing Intern

Photo of Summer Intern, Clea Matt

Clea is a rising senior completing her major in Communication Studies and minors in Digital Media Studies and Graphic Design in the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences. Passionate about making information accessible, particularly in forms of digital and creative media, Clea was thrilled to join the team this summer at Hudson River Park Friends. Founded in 1999, Hudson River Park Friends is a nonprofit dedicated to advocating for and growing Hudson River Park (HRPK). As their Digital Media and Marketing Intern, Clea met regularly with her supervisor and joined weekly staff meetings where she had the opportunity to collaborate on a number of projects and campaigns. She learned new tools to help leverage social media analytics, wrote copy and sourced imagery for the park’s digital storytelling channels and even coordinated filming for media campaigns highlighting HRPK’s community. Encouraged to use her creativity and skills, Clea said she felt she had the artistic freedom to create the “social media campaign of my dreams.” As they approach their launch in the fall, Clea crafted copy and sourced imagery for HRPK’s debut on Bloomberg Connects, a mobile app featuring guides to over 150 museums, galleries, sculpture parks, gardens, and cultural spaces. In addition to learning the Bloomberg Connects content management system, she also gained experience using Google Ads and Hootsuite this summer. She strengthened her project management and interpersonal skills and further improved her written communication skills, enabling her to write succinct and accessible bodies of text for a variety of outlets. Having learned to navigate many of these industry standard tools and platforms while also strengthening her communication skills, Clea looks forward to combining her classroom knowledge with these real world skills and experiences as she completes her undergraduate degree, next spring.

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Sasha Sackichand
BA, Early Childhood/Childhood Education, 2023
Employer: Hudson River Park Trust
Job Title: Environmental Educator

Photo of Summer Intern, Sasha Sackichand

Sasha is a rising senior pursuing an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education in the School of Education. This summer she had the opportunity to intern with Hudson River Park Trust, a trust established in 1998 as a result of a NYS law to design, build, operate and maintain a new public park and estuarine sanctuary in and along several miles of the Manhattan shoreline. As the Environmental Educator, Sasha closely supported a number of programs and tours including HRPK’s Wet Lab a live-flow native aquarium on the south side of Pier 40. She also guided educational tours with school groups and summer camps discussing the Hudson River’s ecosystem and worked with her team to conduct fish ecology surveys that monitor local marine populations. Having the ability to combine her passion for teaching with this new found love of nature in NYC, Sasha particularly enjoyed her interactions with various school groups and the general public that attended the park’s various education programs. Sasha felt her student teaching experiences were very limited as a result of the pandemic however through this internship she was able to gain valuable real-world, in-person experience co-teaching to a wide range of student across many ages. She also created lesson plans that highlighted the river’s biodiversity as well as the diverse city dwelling animals and insects that cohabitate in the park. Focusing on curriculum revival, Sasha updated the park’s Bird Beak Buffet lesson as well as a lesson on butterfly migration taught as children’s game. The skills she gained from her internship experience and the constructive teaching feedback she received from her colleagues this summer have helped Sasha further develop her confidence as an educator in the classroom as she looks forward to graduating next spring.

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Victoria Seipp
2023 John and Celide Hogan Funded Summer Internship
BA, History & Political Science, Dec 2022
Employer: 9/11 Memorial & Museum
Job title: Government & Community Affairs Intern

Photo of Summer Intern, Victoria Seipp

Victoria is a Pforzheimer Honors College student in her senior year completing her undergraduate degree this December with a double major in History and Political Science. As the Government and Community Affairs Intern at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum this summer, she had the perfect opportunity to put her classroom knowledge to work. Among her projects, Victoria oversaw outreach to existing memorials both domestic and international to help promote and encourage them to engage their community in a spirit of remembrance and honor and help restore and refresh their memorials. She also coordinated with the grounds staff at the 9/11 memorial to acknowledge the birthdays of victims by placing a bright white rose at their name on the memorial site and sharing photos with their respective families. She worked closely with her team to plan and track VIP visits from local government leaders, diplomats and international officials alike. By collecting background information, updating contact sheets, drafting briefs and circulating visitation details to the respective areas she helped efficiently and effectively streamline these visits. As a Pace student and avid history buff, Victoria expressed an interest in learning more about Pace’s connection with the World Trade Center site. While finding more information about this was challenging at first, after combing through a range of historical research dating back to the initial development of the World Trade Center as well as some historical literature and personal accounts shared from faculty and staff at Pace, she crafted a blog post for the 9/11 Memorial and Museum’s website. Among the many projects and work Victoria did at 9/11, she most values the opportunity she had to further develop and refine her communication skills. From corresponding with a government official to speaking with a victim’s family member, learning the proper tone and maintaining a level of sensitivity are real-world skills she says you can only learn on the job.

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Emily Shafer
BA, English & Film and Screen Studies, 2023
Job Title: Development Intern
Employer: Animal Care Centers of NYC

Emily is a rising junior in the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. Aside from her writing, Emily is very passionate about animals and the opportunity to work for the Animal Care Centers of NYC (NYACC) was a perfect fit for her this summer. Growing up in a family with rescue pets, Emily really connected with NYACC’s mission to find loving homes for homeless and abandoned cats, dogs, and rabbits, both by adopting animals directly to the public and by partnering with more than 200 dedicated animal placement organizations. As NYACC’s Development Intern. Emily supported donor outreach efforts, regularly updated the organizations’ various fundraising databases and assisted in the planning and organizing of NYACC’s annual gala. She researched and identified gala sponsors to help offset costs for this annual benefit and met regularly with her development team to share logistical updates, prospective guests and sponsorship details. This internship experience helped Emily learn about how vital fundraising can be for a nonprofit organization and helped her further develop and improve her research and communication skills and also grow her professional network as she looks forward to graduating in December

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Helena De Castro
BA, Philosophy & Religious Studies and Applied Psychology & Human Relations, 2023
Employer: Greyston Foundation
Job Title: Development Intern

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Amrita Deononan
BBS, Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communications, 2023
Employer: South Bronx United
Job title: Nonprofit Development Intern

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Mburucuya Gomez
BS, Biology, 2024
Employer: Open Door Family Medical Center
Job title: Healthcare Data Analyst

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