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Funded Summer Internships

The Helene and Grant Wilson Center's Funded Summer Internship Program was launched in 2009 and funds up to 10 Pace University students in full-time summer internships with New York social enterprises and nonprofit organizations each year.

The goal of the internship is two-fold: To offer experiential learning and income for students interested in careers in the nonprofit/social impact sector, and to offer bright, highly motivated, mentored students in service for nonprofits. Internships must provide hands-on, substantive opportunities for students to make a meaningful contribution to the work of the organization.

Summer 2024 Internships


  • Candidates must be currently enrolled at Pace and graduating from Pace University, December 2024 or later.
  • Students across all majors (undergraduate and graduate) are eligible, International students are also encouraged to apply.
  • Candidates must have an interest in human services and/or social enterprise.
  • If hired, interns must work full-time for eight consecutive weeks between June and September.
  • Interns make a 35 hours per week commitment, work 280 hours total, compensated at $19/hour.

How Pace Students Can Apply

Peruse our funded summer internship positions below and click the link to preview the posting on Handshake, applications will only be accepted via Handshake. In addition to an updated resume, applicants must submit a thoughtfully written cover letter tailored to suit the internship you are applying for. Please visit Pace's Career Services to learn more about how to become "resume-ready" on Handshake.

Maxwell Ankani
MPA, Public Administration, 2024
Employer: BRAC USA
Job Title: Learning, Empowerment & Adolescent Development Intern

Photo of Pace University Summer Intern, Maxwell Ankani

Maxwell is a second-year graduate student completing his Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Administration in Dyson’s College of Arts & Sciences. This summer he secured the Learning, Empowerment & Adolescent Development (L.E.A.D.) Internship at BRAC USA, an international nonprofit with the goal of empowering underdeveloped communities by providing them with scalable solutions and equipping them with skills and support to break free from poverty. As BRAC’s L.E.A.D. intern, one of Maxwell’s internship deliverables included preparing and presenting a research project to his team proposing potential solutions that could help mitigate childhood malnutrition in Uganda. As he developed his report, Maxwell learned more about the high level of food insecurity that exists and what other neighboring countries with similar situations are doing to curb this human rights issue. Maxwell’s findings led him to propose a school feeding program for children as a possible solution to the growing food crisis in Uganda. Among his responsibilities, Maxwell also attended multiple webinars where he learned about early childhood development and the challenges facing children living in impoverished countries. He participated in weekly team meetings, taking notes and sharing action items with his colleagues and supported his team with proposal development and grant writing, providing him with insights into the importance of grants while learning about the dynamics of an international nonprofit

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Ifra Haque
BBA, Human Resource Management, 2025
Employer: America Needs You
Job Title: Operations Intern
2023 Conway Foundation Funded Summer Internship

Photo of Pace University Summer Intern, Ifra Haque

Ifra is a rising junior pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management in the Lubin School of Business on Pace’s Pleasantville campus. This summer Ifra secured an Operations Intern position working remotely at America Needs You (ANY), a nonprofit organization that fights for economic mobility for ambitious, first-generation college students by providing transformative mentorship and intensive career development. In her capacity as the Operations Intern, Ifra supported ANY’s FirstGenU program by hosting and moderating virtual social hours for the program’s students, addressing questions and concerns and fostering an inclusive environment. As a first generation student herself, she was able to provide a unique perspective in her role, assessing program resources while also providing feedback and suggestions for new and relevant topics and course content. In addition, she supported the program by creating a social media calendar, shared recommendations to increase engagement and drafted posts and curated respective assets and links. Ifra also provided support by researching and identifying prospective partners, colleges and universities that could be interested in partnering with ANY’s FirstGenU program. Ifra’s summer experience provided her with the opportunity to grow and further develop her organizational and time management skills, writing and communication skills while also gaining a better understanding of the operations of a nonprofit.

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Macy Hayes
BA, Political Sciences and Communications & Media Studies, 2025
Employer: City Hall Park Conservancy
Job Title: Park Development Assistant

Photo of Pace University Summer Intern, Macy Hayes

Macy is a rising junior and Pforzheimer Honors College student pursuing a double major in Political Science and Communications & Media Studies in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences. This summer Macy interned at City Hall Park Conservancy (CHPC), a volunteer led non-profit organization formed by collaborative neighborhood residents who want to help preserve this community asset. In her role as the Park Development Intern, Macy was able to support this growing nonprofit in a number of ways such as working closely with a broad range of community members, prioritizing various project deliverables, managing and developing grant applications and coordinating engaging events for park visitors and the community. Under the guidance of her supervisor, Macy helped develop a survey that was later shared to collect feedback from community stakeholders and volunteers for their input and feedback of other ways in which the public space could be utilized. She also grew the park’s social media presence, tracking analytics and sharing metrics with the CHPC’s leadership team in an effort to increase engagement and reach. In coordinating various community engagement events and seeking volunteers Macy interfaced with other local organizations with a similar cause. Through her experience at City Hall Park Conservancy, Macy has observed in real time the importance and power of partnerships. Despite CHPC’s limited funding and resources, by partnering with other local nonprofit organizations they have been able to make a far greater change and impact in the community.

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Janvi Joshi
MS, Marketing Analytics, 2024
Employer: Hudson River Park Friends
Job Title: Digital Media & Marketing Intern

Photo of Pace University Summer Intern, Janvi Joshi

Janvi is a graduate student in the Lubin School of Business completing her Master of Science degree in Marketing Analytics. Fusing her passion for social media with her love of the outdoors, Janvi secured the ideal internship working at Hudson River Park Friends (HRPK) this summer as their Digital Media and Marketing Intern. Hudson River Park Friends is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the completion, care and enhancement of Hudson River Park, and is the designated fundraising partner of the Hudson River Park Trust. In her capacity, Janvi attended many events throughout the summer and interacted with park visitors to help capture visual assets both photo and video of all the different experiences the park can provide. Having collected all this recent footage, Janvi worked on curating HRPK’s Story Highlights via Instagram with more current content. In an effort to grow their marketing reach and attract more park visitors Janvi researched marketing strategies employed by other local NYC parks such as Central and Madison Square Park to develop new google ad campaigns for Hudson River Park. Having only seen demonstrations of how to use Google Ads and learn about its potential in her classes, Janvi was thrilled to be able to navigate the google dashboard and develop her own ad campaigns, putting her classroom knowledge to practice in a real world setting. Grateful for her summer experience, Janvi learned a great deal this summer strengthening her communication and social media skills and understanding the dynamics of digital marketing for a nonprofit organization.

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Griffin Lalli
BA, Political Science and Peace & Justice Studies, 2024
Employer: NY Legal Assistance Group
Job Title: Summer '23 Legal Intern

Photo of Pace University Summer Intern, Griffin Lalli

Griffin is a rising senior and a Pforzheimer Honors College student double majoring in Political Science and Peace and Justice Studies with minors in Pre-Law and Management. Interning at New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) this summer, an organization that provides free legal services through grants and taxpayer money in many areas of law including but not limited to Elder, Immigration, Employment Law, etc. Griffin worked in NYLAG’s Consumer Protection Unit/Foreclosure Prevent Project. In this role, Griffin visited the Nassau County Supreme Court on a weekly basis to meet with potential clients and evaluate their needs for services, draft answers and liaise with a NYLAG attorney to relay any legal advice. Once NYLAG would take on the case, Griffin became the main point of contact for the client and he worked closely with the assigned attorney. Leveraging his experience as captain of Pace University’s Mock Trial team, Griffin was also able to provide superior support to the attorney with rules of evidence preparation, a skill many of his law school peers had not yet acquired in their studies. Griffin expressed how his experience as a Resident Advisor at Pace has helped him at NYLAG to better manage client caseloads and carefully handle and address sensitive items as he often does in this role, in the dormitories. Additionally, Griffin drafted legal notices to banks and courts and conducted research to help inform and prep the attorneys on each case.

He also gained a better understanding of civil litigation which has been a great benefit to him this semester in his Constitutional Law course. Grateful for the opportunity and experience, Griffin’s summer internship at NYLAG this summer has solidified his passion for law and his interest in pursuing a law degree after graduation.

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Vaishali Laveti
MS, Information Systems, 2024
Employer: Billion Oyster Project
Job Title: Research Associate Technician

Photo of Pace University Summer Intern, Vaishali Laveti

Vaishali is a graduate student in the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems pursuing her graduate degree in Information Systems. This summer Vaishali obtained a Research Associate Technician internship at the Billion Oyster Project, a New York City-based nonprofit organization with the goal of engaging one million people in the effort to restore one billion oysters to New York Harbor by 2035. Because oysters are filter feeders, they serve as a natural water filter, with a number of beneficial effects for our ecosystem. With little experience in this particular field, Vaishali kicked off her internship with a three week training where she received a robust introduction about the Billion Oyster Project and the various areas that constitute this organization. She also received first aid training, as well as training to conduct water quality testing and data processing. As part of BOP’s Volunteer and Fabrication team Vaishali played an integral role as BOP relies on interns to support this program in the summer. Working with approximately thirty to fifty volunteers on a daily basis, Vaishali helped them gain a better understand of what BOP does and how its partners help contribute to the overall mission of the organization. Describing herself as a bit shy when speaking with the public, Vaishali shared how this experience really transformed her personality allowing her to be more confident and outgoing. As part of her final summer project, Vaishali compiled photos shared by community scientists, teachers and community based organizations that adopt oysters and share data with BOP in the form of photos. Leveraging her classroom skills and data management skills, Vaishali was able to digitize the data found in these photos and merge that information into MS Excel, a significant undertaking and revamp of their data intake process.

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Vandana Rathnala
MS, Accounting Data Analytics & Technologies, 2024
Employer: Center for Employment Opportunities
Job Title: Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Photo of Pace University Summer Intern, Vandana Rathnala

Vandana is a first-year graduate student completing her MS in Accounting Data Analytics and Technologies in the Lubin School of Business. This summer she secured the Talent Acquisition Coordinator internship position at The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping individuals with criminal records find employment and reenter the workforce. With no previous experience in Human Resources or Talent Acquisition, Vandana shares having an eye opening experience, learning about the impactful work of CEO and the opportunity it provides to its clients. Vandana spent her first two weeks training with her supervisor, in her third week she participated in CEO’s on-site orientation held for justice impacted individuals on parole and probation. It was a unique experience for her, seeing how these individuals navigated the process and were trained for their respective job opportunities. As she dove further into her role, Vandana performed background checks on multiple employee candidates, guided new hires through the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition and gathered feedback from clients and interview panels to improve and streamline the recruitment process. As her first internship and work experience in the United States, Vandana was thrilled to have had her summer internship at CEO. She learned a tremendous amount during her eight week internship, refining her communication and organizational skills and learning more about the dynamics of a larger nonprofit organization. The meaningful work of CEO has had a profound impact on Vandana inspiring her to continue to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

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Michail Richards
BBA, Management and Finance, 2026
Employer: Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
Job title: Summer Program Associate

Photo of Pace University Summer Intern, Michail Richards

Michail is a rising sophomore in the Lubin School of Business pursuing a degree in Management & Finance, This summer he secured a Program Associate internship at the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) an international nonprofit organization providing entrepreneurship training and educational programs to middle and high school students, college students, and adults. As his first internship, and at a nonprofit, Michail described his experience as eye-opening and inspiring, greatly admiring NFTE’s efforts in training the entrepreneurs of the future. In his role, Michail provided support to NFTE’s regional director and their Mid-Atlantic team by assisting in program planning and proposing engaging activities for their students. As a business student himself, Michail provided feedback and suggestions to enhance student programs and educational resources. Working in a fast-paced, international nonprofit organization he learned how to prioritize projects to appropriately meet deadlines and deliverables while also gaining a big picture view of how a nonprofit functions. Having interfaced with different areas, meeting with various supervisors and connecting with attendees at multiple NFTE events, Michail has strengthened his confidence and networking abilities and looks forward to continuing his studies at Pace this fall.

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Kinshuk Yadav
MS, Financial Risk Management, 2024
Employer: Grassroots Grocery
Job Title: Capacity Building Intern

Photo of Pace University Summer Intern, Kinshuk Yadav

Kinshuk is a graduate student pursuing his degree in Financial Risk Management in the Lubin School of Business. This summer, Kinshuk secured an internship position at Grassroots Grocery, a nonprofit powered by a network of neighbors helping neighbors with the goal of diminishing food insecurity and providing fresh food to communities that need it most. As their Capacity Building Intern, Kinshuk sought new and innovative ways in which this organization could grow its impact. In this role, he supported the planning and execution of Sandwich Races, a fun and competitive activity aimed at fighting food insecurity. Working with external organizations and sponsors, corporate teams and staff come together to race against which team can make the most sandwiches, Grassroots Grocery then delivers all the sandwiches to fridges and hyperlocal community partners throughout the Bronx and Northern Manhattan. Kinshuk conducted research, to identify grants and funding that could further fund the mission of the organization and sought to identify potential corporate partners and business leaders in the Bronx that may engage with Grassroots Grocery. He also supported their team by identifying potential educational partners such as schools and universities that may be interested in partnering through Grassroot’s internship program, sharing job descriptions and updating their database with cover letters and resumes from potential candidates, Through this experience, Kinshuk strengthened and developed his organization and time management skills while learning first-hand how nonprofits can be an important resource and the impact an organization like Grassroots Grocery can have on its community and stakeholders.

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