Collage of images from the WIlson Center at Pace University

Research To Practice

Creating a diverse portfolio of research projects focused on identifying and addressing immediate issues facing nonprofits and social enterprises.

Faculty Fellows

The Wilson Center funds four Faculty Fellows each year. Fellows work on specific projects- generally case studies and academic research- that support the Center's mission and goals. Each recipient is awarded $5,000 and is supported by student research assistants. Since 2009, this program has funded 52 Faculty Fellowships. Our Faculty Steering Committee sets funding priorities and selects candidates through a blind review process.

Brown Bag Lunch Research Seminars

The Wilson Center hosts a series of brown bag lunch seminars which showcase our past faculty fellow funded research projects. For accessibility, our seminars are held during common hour and are webcast to the Pace online community.

Annual Undergraduate Research Day

The Office of Student Success coordinates this annual event celebrating collaborative research excellence between faculty and students. Wilson Center Faculty Fellows are often featured at this event as they continue to work with students on their relevant research.

Nonprofit and Social Enterprise Research

The Wilson Center is proud to be a resource for both local and national organizations, including the Westchester County Executive and local Congressional representatives. We also offer our research in service of the University; the Economic Impact Report for Pace NYC and the Economic Impact Report for Pace Athletics were based on research by the Center. Wilson Center staff also produce independent research on topics including impact investing and social entrepreneurship education.

Digital Commons Initiative

Our Digital Commons Selected Works series serves to maximize the visibility and impact of our research. This repository is home to many online journals including the Pace Environmental Law Review, the Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics, and Cornell University ILRReview. Since 2014, there have been more than 9,900 full-text downloads of our works in more than 90 countries around the world.

Recent Publications and Reports

The Wilson Center aims to build a diverse portfolio of research projects with a focus on the identification and analysis of immediate issues facing nonprofits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and social enterprises. To that end, the Center invites Pace University faculty members to apply for Wilson Center Fellowships where Fellows serve a 1-year term (September through August). During that time, Wilson Fellows work on specific projects such as case studies and interdisciplinary academic research that supports the Center's mission and goals.